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See how other people made their Myst games ;) Sticky

A topic by Sophie Houlden created Jan 01, 2016 Views: 963 Replies: 3
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Making of Myst

Myst Postmortem

Making of Riven

Making of Myst III - part 2 - part 3 - part 4

Making of Myst IV

Making of Myst V

Making of Uru

Thanks for the links! I watched the first two on the original Myst and that was quite interesting. It's amazing what they accomplished with the tools of the time.

I was also quite surprised that from GDC talk, it appears they were actually quite ignorant of the state of the art in adventure games at the time and driven purely by their own personal vision. I think that might have contributed to give Myst its own unique character.


Very interesting videos Sophie. It will help us during the Jam!
If you're courageous enough to read tons of text, please feel free to read the Making of Catyph, an indie sci-fi Myst-like that our collective is supporting. You can also read the post-mortem of ASA: A Space Adventure.

We hope to finish our small game project in time for the 18th.


Just re-watched the Myst and Riven ones again...
Definitely a nice reminder of everything that I loved about these games, and everything that went into making them.
Now I'm ready to keep going :).