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A topic by Astysh created Jul 31, 2020 Views: 1,023
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Jam Host

On June 26-28, we held the MY.GAMES Hyper-Casual Jam 2020 for developers of hyper-casual mobile games. The winners were selected on the basis of real metrics: we held marketing tests for the projects and determined their market CTR (click-through rate – how many people who see the ad click on it). Real users saw these ads. All teams with a CTR of at least 5% will receive $2,000 and can sign a contract with MY.GAMES to publish their game – MY.GAMES offers its partners up to $50,000 to complete the development of the game, and a marketing budget for scaling.


The results

The Jam concluded with 258 projects submitted. Only 5 projects exceeded the 5% threshold, with two of them achieving an impressive 14% and 12% CTR. The list of the best projects with a partnership offer from MY.GAMES is as follows:

Hot steaks

We would like to single out three more projects that didn’t meet the 5% CTR mark, but have enormous potential. We are committed to help the developers of these projects in tweaking their prototypes to do the CTR test again, and in the event of success, the team will receive an offer from us. The projects are:

King Fu;
ACE Attacker

According to our observations, the most successful projects were those offering new ideas or an original combination of traditional mechanics. Meanwhile, clones of well-known games, as we expected, did not interest audiences.


Additional nominations

We also wanted to praise projects for various outstanding features they offered, and hence we introduced three nominations: Best Original Gameplay, Best Ideas Mix, Best Art. The jurors for these nominations were our very own MY.GAMES Hyper-casual team members. Although market metrics were not a priority, we should note that several of the nominees had a pretty high CTR.

Best Original Gameplay:

Beat Ring


Best Art:
Bubble Zoo;

Best Ideas Mix:
Hot steaks;


The Jam helped us find several solid projects and begin working with promising teams. We are already preparing several educational projects for developers, and we also expect to hold more jams with various themes to build a stronger hyper-casual community in Europe as well as the CIS, and help great teams find their breakthrough hits.