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[devlog] untitled

A topic by snoopdogg420 created Jan 10, 2016 Views: 340 Replies: 8
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I dont have a name for my game at all, but maybe ill just name it untitled anyways

My plan for this gamejam was to make a game where whenever you hit an enemy, you would go to a battle screen and instead of combat you would play tetris and clear a few lines to defeat an enemy. Its a bit like Indivisible if anyone played their IGG campaign demo. Eventually you would climb up something and get to a final boss, which was just to be like.. a lot of tetris lines to clear LOL

Heres a mockup i made a few weeks ago (its very pink! i wanted to just make a cute pink tetris clone at first)

Sadly, this is like the first time ive messed with any sort of programming at all, and trying to understand the normal way people code tetris (2d arrays), and trying to understand the few resources specifically for game maker to code it in other ways has made me have to drop the tetris battle system! :'(

heres my broken tetris

it wasnt working out and i felt like trying to program this to work in tandem with the rest of the game wouldve ended up too difficult for me to debug if something went completely wrong

heres some movement i got down though

and a title screen with sound sfx and bgm! i guess the tetris theme is a placeholder song now

I guess my end game goal for the rest of the gamejam is to get a nice looking little room to run around in together, and maybe finish an actual attacking system.


heres what i did today, trying to set up a room

i didnt spent much time on figuring out what the game would look like so its ending up very aimless visual wise but its fun nevertheless

and heres some sprites i did day 1, spent most of that day animating for the first time!


This looks SO GOOD and cute wtf! Too bad about the tetris system but I'd play this just to see this art in action!


That tetris up there is trying it's best.

Also this looks prettycute and it is a pretty neat idea! I like what yo uhave done so far. It's way more than what I have haha!


aaaaaaaaa this looks so nice i love what ive seen so far on twitter *___* !!

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this is so cute!!! i saw your stuff on twitter and it looks so gooood


adding to the chorus of "nice art"! i love the silhouette look you have going for the player character, and your palette is quite striking. makes me think of a hot summer evening.


the sprites are soooo lovely!!! the colours are beautiful as well!

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Thank you all! Heres my last update, a friend drew me a sprite for an enemy and i animated it, had a lot of fun this jam!