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A topic by rmice created Jul 16, 2018 Views: 132 Replies: 6
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Hi! Like the title suggest, this is a game about parkour and penguins. I began a little late because this week I begin the math class, but I hope to do a good job. At the moment I have only this dude:

This is.. not a masterpiece but is fine. I'm starting learning to use Blender, and also the 3d side of Godot Engine, the free open source game engine. My goal is to get confident in 3d and physics with thats tools. :)
By the way, this is my first game jam, devlog and post in itch.



This is great. Great title and idea!


Ahhh, Blender. How's that going? Seems like you got pretty far on the lowpoly at least!

I always wanted to try Godot, but I did it when Godot 3 just came out and the wiki was still sparse and documentation just really started so I imagine a few months down the road there might be more community resources now.


Oh Thanks! I'm not so bad with Blender, ah? About Godot, mmm yes the project and the community are always growing very fast, the tutorials are a bit missing, but is well. Let's see how it goes, hehe :)


After many days watching tutorials, it finally moves:

The 3D is a bit hard, but slowly I feel like I can move forward. I think the my game will not be as I imagine it, but it does not matter, I feel proud.

Let's see how this goes, hehe :)


3D is definitely very challenging!! even getting assets to move in a Unity scene is honestly an accomplishment to be proud of in a two week jam about learning!


Finally my game is here: Parkguin. Thanks to give me this opportunity!