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A topic by mudkraken created Jul 16, 2018 Views: 203 Replies: 8
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Hey there! I'm a bit late to the party but here goes.

This is my first time doing a game jam and, while I've been doing gamedev on and off for a while, I've never actually produced a complete game. I figure this jam is a good opportunity to actually finish something!

The game

This will basically be a roguelike, top-down 2d game.

You play as a prototype firefighting android codenamed Fahren8. Your creators, scientists for the Fahren corporation, have accidentally set their entire underground research lab on fire and they need you to fix it! Your goal is to go floor by floor and put the fires out, finding blueprints and schematics for upgrades along the way and bringing them back the scientists on the surface to have them built. Of course they'll charge you for it, cause scientists have bills to pay too!

The laboratory floors will be procedurally-generated and you'll find more loot the further down you get, however the game will also become more difficult at the same time. Once that happens and the flames overwhelm you, you'll start over at the surface, buy upgrades with the coins you accumulated from the previous play-through, and start over with a freshly generated set of floors. The game will end when you reach the bottom floor where the source of the fire is and resolve the situation.

The tools

UPDATE: This all changed on day 2; I initially used Rust/ggez but realized that getting linux/osx builds was gonna be too much of a PITA from my Windows box. Decided to cut my losses early on and use something a little more established.

The game is now written in lua/love2d, using Aseprite to make pixel pixel art and Renoise to put some music/sound effects together

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Day 1

This is technically yesterday's progress, posting this late as well... So I spent a whole 3 hours figuring out how to link to libsdl from rust on Windows. Finally managed to get a blank window to show up with Hello World on it. Unfortunately, The pixel font I was using was all blurry. Obviously, font engines are good at smoothing everything out so making text look blocky is apparently not a feature. In the end, 9 hours later, I figured out that I could simply render the whole font glyphs to a texture at the font's native resolution (where the font renderer doesn't have to scale anything) and then just resample the texture with nearest-neighbor interpolation to whatever scale I need.

Then I ran out of coffee.

In a nutshell

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Day 2

Once again posting a devlog for yesterday. I swear I'll catch up to today by the end of the jam!

I actually spent a whole afternoon trying to get the game to build on OSX... I'm starting to think that maybe learning a new programming language during a jam isn't such a good idea. If I don't figure everything out within a day or two, I might just switch to something I have more experience with, like love2d or godot. Better do that before I have too much code written...

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Day 3

Spent the morning converting what little rust code I had to lua, using love2d, which was fairly trivial compared to what I had to go through before. Then got a migraine. RIP, Day 3, we barely knew ya...

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Day 4

I now have a basic camera and tile renderer working, along with some placeholder sprites I cooked up quickly:

Next up, render some fire!

Day 5

Took the day off to go on a family outing. See you guys tomorrow!


Day 6

Very little progress today, mostly focus on fire and water sprites. I still need to work on the animations for the main character and the NPCs, but real life is getting in the way again.

I love these!  Cool effects :) 


hahaha i know ive run into problems where i know that sprite fonts would definitely solve a lot of my problems but im always reluctant to use them because usually it would mean i'd have to do make myself with a font i like. nice job in figuring out the text problem early on! also the fire and water sprites look awesome :0 !!

i also wanted to say i really like this game concept--i like that there's kind of a built in narrative with the game's design here.