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[devlog] Wake Up On Time

A topic by ghoullunar created Jul 20, 2017 Views: 160 Replies: 4
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WAKE UP ON TIME - a text based adventure where you use items on things in your dreams so you can wake up on time

  • a short use-item-on-thing game
  • probably in ADRIFT since i can actually work that
  • go thru layers of dreams using things on other things in order to wake up
  • three endings: one where u wake up on time (completing the game), one where u wake up late (missing some bits), and one where u never wake up (this is the secret ending for when u encounter.... something) (basically failing miserably)
  • make sure people know if there's hardware trouble (my computer is in two pieces an getting fixed. not sure when it will be back. luckily text based games can be planned on paper
  • don't make it too long
  • finish it
  • only cry 10 times or less (stretch goal)

lets game jam

the endings r:

  •  wake up on time - solving the 2 main puzzles needed to progress in each level
  • wake up early - solving the 2 main puzzles plus the 1 extra puzzle in each level
  • wake up late - solving the 2 main puzzles but picking up all the junk items/doing a junk scenario (like trying to use the bathroom)
  • and Never Wake Up - havent figured out the conditions for this but in one of the levels theres something that just autokills u even tho u were warned about it a bunch of times

each level (idk how many levels) will have: 

  • 2 main puzzles needed to progress (like at the most basic level needing socks to go into a cold room)
  • 1 more obscure "extra" puzzle (like using a four-sided die on a test to get an answer)
  • 3 puzzle items (like socks or a four-sided die)
  • 3 junk items (useless things, one well-hidden)
  • 1 junk scenario (something you do that wastes time, like trying to use the bathroom)

the goal right now is 2 levels, but stretch goals include a 3rd

I think I've seen this premise before, except as a video:

I'm hyped up, can't wait to see your progress!

to clarify the stretch goals r for myself


just for reference

im really hungry but its one am