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[DevLog] Mom Quest

A topic by Zede_ created Jul 12, 2016 Views: 423 Replies: 15
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Day 1

So, I'm making a game where instead of playing as the hero, you play as the hero's mom. Every few months or so you'll get updates on their adventure and send them goodies and stuff. Here's a gif that basically shows what I've got so far. Includes confusing skipping through dialogue and me accidentally opening a settings window.

And yes. Your child's default name is Kiddo.


Great premise !!!


I'm rooting for her...


Such a cute idea. Can't wait to hear more!


This is such a great premise for a cute little game! I bet she could still take on all those monsters herself though : D


Yeah moms!! Love the idea, so much can be done with it.


oh wow this sounds so cute!


This looks adorable. Good luck!

Day 2

All I did today was replace the phone call picture with a new one that looks better and less like crap. I didn't feel like being productive today

It still doesn't look as good as I could do, I think I'm in a lil slump but tbh i can't bother to deal with it anymore during a game jam. i still might add clouds to this though i forgot to do that


omg yea i wanna play as the mom. cool concept


THIS PREMISE IS SO GOOD AAA ?!?? this also looks really nice so far!!

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Day 3

I can't promise this game will even be 10% finished by the end of the jam. I'm having a little trouble finding motivation right now. I've done nothing today and don't think I will by the time I go to sleep. Don't be surprised if the furthest this gets is to the demo stage


Whatever u can make will be good enough bud !! I'm looking forward to it regardless of level of completion.


^^ what goop said yo. whatever you have learned + have done already is important! even getting a demo out of this jam is an accomplishment--it often can serve as a prototype for a cleaner project or maybe you'd rather work on something else but you learned helpful things in this project. either way--don't stress it too much!

Well i have learned one thing: drawings look like crap when you put them in rpgmaker