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[DevLog] Blu's Big Day

A topic by nexus_dawn created Jul 10, 2016 Views: 176 Replies: 5
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Hello all!

I entered this game jam to familiarize myself with GameMaker as i havent used it before. Im not much of an artist so wanted to keep the design simple so have decided create a 2D Shooter focused mainly on gameplay with cuboid style characters.


  • 3-5 Enemy Types
  • Atleast 2-3 Different Environments
  • 5+ Weapons for the Player
  • Special Abilities
  • Boss Fight

Players control Blu as he fights through the invading Purps for control of BoxWorld

I will be using Gamemaker : Standard Edition & Paint.NET

Will try to update this every couple of days with my progress.



I feel affection for Blu. Good luck!


Sunday Update
Hello folks. So i was unable to dedicate as much time to this as i had originally intended, hence progress is slow. Heres a summary of what i've been up to.

I decided to build the environments in an isometric grid, and then match the characters blocky design to the grid in 8 directions.
And with this i built a base for Blu.

I've written an eight direction animation system for all entities to share which controls updating their animations and converting their real direction whilst keeping everything tight to the grid. I created some bounce animations and scripted the sprites offset to change with the animation index allowing for some nice looking bouncing. Using these animations i can also speed and slow the movement speed based on where the entity is in his jump.

<- Bounce. Applied to Movement ->

Baddies & AI

I created a base for the Purps enemies and created some basic LookAt, MoveTowards logic and a few other things. Linked their movement speed to a global dificulty variable and spawned some tests for chasing the player. Oh i also added a universal shadow for all entities. I hope to hook the alpha up to the jump too for added effect.

Ive desynced the animations of seperate entities since making these gifs too so it looks a little less 'uniform'.

Current Thoughts
Im not sure how likely i am to finish at this stage but i intend to keep on tinkering and hopefully have a final level with functioning baddies for the end of the jam. I entered to learn more about Game Maker and ive become very familiar with GameMakerScript in the past couple of days.

Hopefully i can spend more time this week on this.



This is looking pretty cool, isometric stuff is always neat. It might just be my eyes playing tricks on me, but it looks like they have some stretch-and-squash as they hop around. Hoping you can pull through and get your gameplay plus a level or two done by the end!


wow, i like this system with rotation, good work on it !


wow, i like this system with rotation, good work on it !