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adventure, explore, music, puzzle
Submitted by jihwoanahn

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Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets you used.
Unreal Engine:
Soul: Cave
Kite Demo
[Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader -



Other 3D:



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Anything you want to say to players before they play?
Game is currently under development and is my first project.
I'll add more puzzles and replace audio elements with original Foley as much as I can!

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I can't seem to actually get it to run.


Very nice game. Huge game too : big files (probably why people haven't tried your project) for a big world to explore. A pleasure to discover all the tapes, find the puzzles and try to understand what to do.  This game needs some more polish, specially with a main menu, and graphic options to help this game work on ladptop (I've played with a 15 frames/sec).  And I've felt in the sea because of a strange collision bug and had to start the game again : very weird sensation to go through all the 3D meshes ^^ But for a gamejam, this game is really a very good entry : not easy, well made, and bigger than expected. As a first project, you've worked like a pro. Congrats !


Thank you very much! I'll definitely plan about bringing an option to adjust graphics option when I figure how to do it properly.

Glad to hear that Mysic came out pretty okay in its alpha state. Very encouraging. Thanks :)


Well, that was nice! Some puzzles felt a bit awkward, but as stated in the description, it's still a work in progress. But I enjoyd exploring the island, and finding all the tapes. The most annoying glitch as of now might be the out of bounds that happens on the wrong end of the Harmony Path. It forced me to exit the game and do all restart from the beginning. But despite that aspect, I think it was the most interesting puzzles. Although for players who are unfamilar with music theory, I think it would be nice if they had a room who would show them what major and minor chords are.

Some little details: the "ending" was a bit tricky to find. Once I got all the tapes, I just wandered on the islands, and sure I remembered that one case that I couldn't enter, but I didn't expect it to actually be where I should have been going! Also, while going out of bound, I'm almost sure I saw a castle in the distance... Was I hallucinating, or is there some other content still unreachable as of now?^^

Anyway, while it sure is a bit clumsy here and there (most puzzles need better feedbacks), it's still quite enjoyable. Good job!


Thanks for your detailed comment! Yes, I'm aware of puzzles being awkward, I'm still learning how to make it work how I wanted it to be
Since this is my first project in a game development and working on this project solo, this will definitely take longer time to accomplish to the point where I want. 

I'll definitely provide some hints to puzzles like Harmony Path you mentioned!

There definitely is a cathedral which was the last piece of puzzle that I'll make happen in upcoming updates

Thank you :)

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Overall fun exploration game, but I don't know enough about music to understand your notes.
Damnit! I thought I was on the right track!

Developer (2 edits)

My apologies - since this is my actual first game development project, I couldn't achieve many of features I originally planned
Overall aspect of this game was - solve puzzles based on musical theories and hearing. 

I'll also provide more hints along the way, to make easier for more people I guess.

Place where you have posted screenshot of is missing to a starting location when you got it wrong. 

I'll continue to update this game beyond Music Game Jam !