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Rhythm Game Attempt
Submitted by KingZer0 (@_KingZer0_) with 1 hour, 34 minutes before the deadline

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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
Royalty free music taken from, the tracks are,

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Cute graphics! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Really nice art and presentation! The game would mostly need mors feedback when notes are hit. The feeling of rhythm isn't there without it. Still, making a rhythm game during a game jam is pretty ambitious! Congrats.

So pretty, though I wish I had more feedback when playing notes rather than just them vanishing when I get it right.
I'd suggest adding a visual effect on the letters when you play a note, and then something when you get the note right.
Also I didn't quite feel like I was playing the music just yet (felt like synch issues but that also might be because I'm bad at rhythm games ;)), but that's me nitpicking, this something very hard to do in such a short time frame!

The music and graphics go well together, you did a good job, hope you had fun making it! :)


Thanks for the criticism. You know I honestly did have fun with this one, it isn't very often I do pixel art stuff so I'm glad you liked it :D


Nice work! I like the animation that plays when you pick a song. When you get a note right, it would be nice if it felt a bit more impactful, as it was often hard to tell whether I got the note right or not. The art was quite well done. Good job! :)


Man I was really struggling to figure out how to start the game. I couldn't really read the buttons, I'm not sure if that was an issue with the game or the sizing you used for the embed, but the right side of the screen was cut off a bit. The different resolutions of the graphics was a bit weird. The scenery is all low res, then the player is a bit higher, the notes are high res(ish). Why the different fonts for 'Q' and 'W'? At times I thought the notes were falling in timing with the music, but as soon as you get in sync you realize it's just a coincidence. I agree a little feedback would help. Sometimes I wasn't sure if I was catching them or not. I like the idea, just needed more development.


Nice job!  Awesome art and nice how the title screen cutscenes to the gameplay :D


Despite the technical points people previously mentioned, I really love the art! I don't know why, it just works as it is. It tells a story, it's dynamic. It's simple but it's efficient! And having your menu and game area somewhat "inside" the environment was a really nice touch.

Obviously a rhythm game is very complex to make. I would raise the same concerns with the notes getting out of sync and the gameplay being a bit too simple, but it takes a lot of time (and playtest data) to get those just right. You did good considering!

Keep on making games! See you at the next jam!

P.S. thanks for the WebGL build!


I like the concept. Hard to tell if I'm actually succeeding at hitting notes though. Some sort of small sound would have been nice, or maybe something visual. Art is pretty. Definitely a start to something cool.


It's like Dance Dance Revolution in pixel form! :D 


The visuals are awesome. The input seems to in rhythm with the song, but in metronome form rather than when the notes occur. It'd be a meticulous process to assign input to the notes, but it'd also make it feel like you're actually playing the notes. Like codyloyd said too, the player needs some kinda of 'you did/didnt do it' to be displayed more clearly than the notes disappearing, an out of sync audio file would work well for mess ups too.


Graphics were kinda meh to me especially in the text but thanks for that anyways. Also It was a meticulous process but that is not the reason I chose the metronome method, I chose it because I realised I had about a day to hand craft 4 tracks each about 5 mins long which would far exceed the time given for the jam and though I still have the start of each sequence I will never complete them. As for feedback the thought did cross my mind but I have never joined such a short jam before and wasn't able to make it.


desperately needs some player feedback.. it's really hard to tell if you're doing well with the patterns or not... also the patterns don't _seem_ to really match up to the music.... and you can get a decent score just by mashing the q/w keys really fast.


Lets be honest here you can get a decent score on any game by button mashing. As for feedback I should add it once the jam ends though by then I'm pretty sure no one will play the game by that time. thanks for the feedback it'll be taken under consideration for the future :3