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I love clickers, they make me addict and it can pass time. Here I challenge you to make a clicker game in 72 hours!

~~ THEME: Sci-Fi ~~

Chat with other jammers on Discord:

~~ Rules ~~

1. Everything should be made during the jam

2. The game must be SFW

3. Teams are accepted

4. The game must be playable

5. Graphics libraries, free assets (sprites, music) can be used, as long as they are creditted. I'd like them to be creditted even if the author didn't ask for it. We should always credit.

Games are rated by the submitters following these criterias:




Respect of the theme

There isn't any prize. If you're on the Discord server you'll get a shiny role. You can also be proud of your work, even if you didn't win.

Can't wait to see your games!

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Control the cosmos with just a click!
The humans discovered us! Now we must survive!
Pump that Heart!
First Jam, First Clicker.
Play in browser
A clicker mimicking a small handheld game.
Run an arcade based in futuristic Neo-Tokyo!
Simple 3d clicker for ClickerJam, based on synergy and direct interaction between buildings
Click for cash, because... rockets!
Go through Solar System and earn a lot of different gems.