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Let's make some games!! After the first meeting and seeing demos of Ludum Dare entries, members on Slack decided to host a game jam. The jam itself will be remote--you can work with your team (or by yourself) remotely, at someone's house or work, at a coffeeshop, wherever you'd like; however, we will kick it off at Grand Circus to announce the winning theme and form teams face-to-face.

What's a Game Jam?
It's an intense period to work on a game. We'll announce a theme at kickoff, groups will form, and games will be turned in by an announced deadline.

What do I need to do in advance?
-Sign up here so we know you're coming.
-Decide what skills you want to work on in the jam--programming? design? art? sound/music? Whether you're a novice or an expert, just know what you're bringing to the table and where you want to focus.
-Sign up for our Slack at and participate in online discussions. We'll throw out theme ideas and announce theme voting there.
-Come to the kickoff, or if you can't, let us know on Slack so we can get you into a group.

What tools can I use?
Any tools you want. (The legal right to the tools is on you.) You can program in whatever language or whatever platform you want. Your art can come from any program that provides formats your team members need; same with sound. Whatever tools work for you!

What's the goal?
To have fun, to make something cool, and to learn a little in the process.

What are the rules?
See above: have fun, make something cool, and learn a little in the process.

What does it cost?
The game jam and the kickoff are free. Food at the kickoff is TBA--if you want to get us in touch with a potential sponsor please let us know!

Have other questions? Ask in the comments.

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