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Escalating ProjectilesView game page

The projectiles they escalate
Submitted by jobties — 4 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Creative use of art assets#4942.5103.000
Overall polish#5991.9122.286

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like it. It was fun to play.

The optimal strat is to use one hand to mash a number and the other hand to move except I need  to also control the mouse.


Hi, glad to hear you like it! 

To combat the mashing strat we added locking your selection at the last minute. When clicking right click with all cards selected, you don't use them up when shooting. That way you have everything free to walk around! 

Because of time constraints there is no visual feedback for the locking. 

If you liked it you should try again with the locking mechanic :) 


I get the idea of using the cards but it's really annoying that you have to keep selecting the cards, I would lock the selected cards and allow the player to change whenever they want and to encourage the player to change cards I would make the enemies be affected differently to each card. So some enemies are damaged even more by some cards or make some enemies inmune to certain cards.

Anyway, really good idea, really challenging and creative. Good job.


Hi thank you for the feedback! 

Locking the card is already in the game ;) Use right click after selecting all cards before shooting them. There is however no way to see if it is locked or not, it was a last-minute feature. 

Having different enemies be affected differently does sound fun for a more complete game, will keep that in mind for the future, thanks! 


Oh shoot, my bad, I'll give it another try. I guess you only need more polishing ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ

(2 edits)

The card combinations give this game an innate replayability which makes a great basis for a fun game.

My fastest run so far is 8 minutes and 57 seconds, and I challenge all readers to beat my time and reply with their personal best.

Edit: [WR] 8m42s by me.

Really liked the card mechanic.

Got really into this then died; and didn't want to play through again. Check-pointing would have been nice in a more complete game. Great job.


Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

Our initial plan was a rogue-lite feel and in that setup we neglected checkpoints. Will keep those in mind for future jams.


I did like the music :) It works well and is nice to play. I just got stuck in pits several time without figuring out a way to get out of them and I got back in them when I died so had to restart the whole game. Might be me being very bad at it though.


Hi, thanks for the feedback!

In the last 10 minutes of development we found the "getting stuck" bug too, but were not able to reliably reproduce within the 10 minutes we had. Glad you still enjoyed!


Hey, I like the card mechanics. I think this could be fun with some more polish and a gentler introduction.


Thank you!