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Space Station ToriiView game page

Emerge from a teleporter, on an orbital defense platform above Earth.
Submitted by ThiefLittle — 15 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Creative use of art assets#3143.0483.048
Overall polish#4672.4292.429

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I really tried to play your game it looked promising but it was too laggy and I think I clipped trough the walls several times. I love the aesthetics but it's really hard to get around the map to enjoy it.


I'm sorry, but I didn't manage to get anywhere past armory - I didn't understand where to go and what to do; and the low visibility and wonky controls did not help.
Why exactly where I look and where I walk when I press W are two different things? That alone felt very weird.


Visuals are super good!

there's alot of care put into this^^
You can probably get a cool perceptive design view out of this.

This said, movement feels a bit slow and slides a bit too much.
You can easily fix this by increasing speed :)
Also make sure to set a limit to your raycast ahah.
Was pushing buttons from really far.

Good work and cool design!


This was cool :) I loved the visuals, atmosphere and the world you created! Also the voice acting was a really nice bit of polish. The controls and movement could have used a bit of work though, and I would have appreciated a downloadable version as it ran quite slowly on my machine. (Which is getting a bit old now to be fair) Good job overall though!


Nice idea with the pixel visor, but maybe needs to be more subtle. Cool game.


Really cool visuals!
The movement felt a little rough, but after getting to the major event of the story, I grabbed some cash, ate some apples - and those controls actually made me feel a little bit along and "losing it".

Kill switch taking you directly to main menu was a nice touch. Overall, I enjoyed it!


Interesting use of the assets - i thought it was too far removed at first, but i saw your comment below about the missing textures, and where they were in place it was very nice. I especially liked the planet.

The controls feel a bit rushed. The movement is unusual but interesting, but I mainly missed not having any feedback on the buttons. 

Overall a nice atmosphere, if perhaps a bit brief


The games visuals are really good, but I did struggle with it being a bit buggy. The player did not move in the mouse direction, the FPS was pretty slow, and the visor made it very difficult to see what I was looking at. Then I fell out of the map. With a bit of polish it would be great.


It will be great to add some downloadable stuff. My browser dont get how to run it without fps drop :)))


They game environment looks amazing. The only critique I have is that the viewport/visor is noisy and a strain to look through.  


It was also a bit too short for me, but the explosion looked amazing! You definately should have shown the art more, but of course time is a tough enemy. :) I really want to mention the great athmosphere though. It's really creepy and the lighting and the models look great! The audio logs add up to that alot. Well done


Oof the frame rate. What did you do to my computer? Is it some aftereffect, is it hundreds upon hundreds of objects with scripts running?

Voice announcements were nice and the still frames looked good.

Controls felt weird, but it might just be the frame rate that plays tricks on me. The game was a little too short and there was not much to do. If I had to guess you probably spent all your time modeling.


Wow the visuals in this are really cool even though I would argue the assets were barely used since for the most part these are newly created 3D-Models with few usage of the art asset. Nonetheless it's very impressive what you have created.

Only thing I had problems with is the extreme mouse sensitivity but I guess that's mostly a problem on my end ^^'


This was a fun space adventure. The movement controls were interesting with the camera not continually updating your movement direction. The explosion at the end in the distance was really cool. Good job!



I noticed the movement glitch right at the end. No time to fix. 


Looks nice, but as mentioned in other comments, I was missing the use of the assets a bit. Also, the mouse movement felt very sensitive on my laptop - it was very hard to get ti back to look forward once I gad touched the mouse.


Am impressed by the blocky 3D world! Love the voice over, though subtitles would be nice! Though i do feel the use of the art assets required is a-little lacking, as most of the world is flat coloured. Very cool!


You're right; I planned to have the texture of the tiles; I forgot to add it back whilst rushing when I ran out of time.

The assets were used for everything else, the sprites were used to create their voxel-like models. 

Thanks for playing. :)


Short but good! I enjoyed the story and audio - big fan of the audio logs across the various parts of the game.