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[POLL] Hey guys, here are some straw polls! Please fill them out, for curiosity's sake.

A topic by rhbourke created Jun 01, 2017 Views: 158 Replies: 2
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 Personally, I am creating a 3D Puzzle game in Unity, and my game will feature reflecting lasers.

Specifically, I am toying with the idea of creating a game where the player shoots a laser out of their own head, and the player can't turn it off (like the superhero cyclops or superman gone wrong). If the player isn't careful, it can reflect back at them and kill them. 

From what I have observed, this isn't a competitive environment so I am happy to share information about my game. Obviously, please do not take my idea of a reflecting laser puzzle game.  I hope my idea works out. 

Please share what you guys are doing, too. I am excited to here from everyone. 

Side question...

I am little bit worried that I have already seen something like this that I have forgotten about and my idea isn't original. Does this sound similar to anything else you guys have heard of? I don't normally have creative ideas that I like when it comes to making games, to be honest.


There's no such thing as a unique idea, it all comes down to how you pull it off! Don't worry so much about original idea's, and just focus on making what you want to make. I myself am doing a similar thing, being a 3D puzzle game using reflection (though not with lasers). Relax and try to have fun!