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Create a craft to traverse the obstacles, touching none yourself
Submitted by DaMan56100 — 39 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game's Potential#14.1674.167
Fun of Playing#14.0004.000
Overcoming the Minus Mechanic#3n/an/a

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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There's a lot of potential for this game, I'd suggest adding some way to erase the nodes easily and maybe a system simmilar to how golf courses have "par"s also I can't explain things well.


Ah, you're right! There should be a way to delete nodes.

A scoring system would be fun but I'm not quite sure what to minimize, least nodes or least moves?


This game has a fantastic core mechanic and I can't fault it for anything there. 

The problems with the game come from the lack of polish. Having to just read a block of text to learn to play isn't ideal as it's slowly paced and a degree of interpretation has to be done. I've beaten all but the 4th level and I'm still not sure what counts as "touching" the enemies.

I think something may even be fundamentally broken. For example, in the gif above the enemies get killed in level 3 before I turn, but in level 4 I turn before they're killed. Am I just missing something? Broken or not I think a slower introduction with a better difficulty curve would have helped nullify this. Level 5 was a breeze but I'm still stuck on 4.

Some better visual indication as to where blocks can/can't be place would also be nice, and a restart button for when I know it's gona fail anyway.

Overall, I think there's a really great core mechanic but the game doesn't quite do enough to hold up to it's potential. With more work though this could be something great.


Thank you for the feedback!

You're right, I must have overlooked something in the algorithm for deciding the action. Level 4 is the intended result (try placing your nodes 1 block further).

I would've liked to have an indicator, however the 3 block limit was added quite late and I knew it would take some time to add it properly to the rendering code, so I had to settle on a texture change.

Again, thank you for giving the game a try and for excellent feedback <3


Okay wow, this was a great entry!

I love the design, and the only thing it needs is more levels!

I can see SO many cool possibilities using this mechanic!


And one minor issue,  the button is not fully shown in the game. I took a while to find the "play" button.


I'm not quite sure what you mean.. Do you mean the 'Play' button on the main menu, or the 'Done' button on the node placement screen?

The 'Done' button. 


Have just played, really simplism and fun mechanic. And really amazing that you could write render plainly on C#. Good work!


I would love to see this game as a mobile time-waster!