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I'm excited!

A topic by mauszozo created Nov 01, 2020 Views: 86 Replies: 3
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That's all I wanted to say. :-)  I've been looking forward to today for a week or so since I heard about this game jam.  Last week I pestered my office mates with sample text printed out in different fonts and sizes, polling them to find the best, most readable, smallest font. Hahaha. The winner was Verdana 7pt, if you're curious.

Anyway, thanks for hosting this Lari!  Looking forward to seeing what you and everyone else comes up with, and to share what I'm working on. :-D


Me too! I'd never even heard of minizines before, but now I want to make tons of them.


Good luck to everyone.  I am excited to see your work!


Yay! I'm really excited as well!
This is my first time solo-hosting a jam, and I was afraid no-one would join, so already I'm counting this as a success! :-)

Super looking forward to all the cool entries!