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Templates and resources Sticky

A topic by Lari Assmuth created Oct 22, 2020 Views: 544 Replies: 6
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There are lots of good templates and other resources for mini zines out there! Here are some, please post more! I will too as I find time to google more resources and alternative mini zine types.

Star West's One Page Zine Template for Affinity Publisher and Adobe InDesign is great!

So is linda c's 8- or 16- Page Zine Template 

A5 zine? Fine by me! Here's a template for that size zines for Troika, by Matthew Gravelyn.


There's also Alienmelon's Electric Zine Maker, which I've looked at but haven't gotten around to trying myself, but it looks cool!

Deleted post

Hey lari! Can a triptych A4 be submited?


Sure! :-)


Not sure if you wanted resources to be actually submitted to the jam, but I just put out some isometric sketchbooks (w/ single page assets) that might be useful to zine creators. Would be happy to submit them to the jam, otherwise folks can go check them out on my page (PWYW). 


I think if you want to publish it as an entry in the jam, that would be great! At least I’m sure it might help someone find it, so yeah, by all means, go for it!