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As an evil genius, your code backfires as you try to rule the world with your latest spyware
Submitted by Fmlad (@FmladUpdates) — 3 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#34.1364.136

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Software used
unity, audacity, spriteilluminator,affinity designer

Use of the limitation
you play as a bad guy

Cookies eaten

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very polished, not sure if it was intentional but the error at the end gave me a laugh

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I like how much it's polished! The visuals are pretty and the sound is nice, I think I only didn't like the waiting time. After 5 or 6 tasks it became a bit boring since 1. I had already seen most of the map, 2. the minigame started to repeat levels and 3. there was not much to do while waiting for errors to appear. I guess it's just a matter of getting some more tasks to vary the gameplay. I did get all the collectibles tho. 

Overall I found it great :)


I 100% agree with your comment that after the 5th or 6th time dealing with errors that the game feels more like watching a clock tick down. Sadly I would of loved to include more tasks such as the enviroment bugging out, lasers being activated, floor tiles falling through, walls busting open with sparks, busted pipes for you to mop. I would of liked to add more tasks for you to maintain other than checking in on the concoles. Initially I wanted lots of different minigames at the console but sadly time is just not available in jams. Thanks for playing though :)


I'll sure be looking out if you happen to keep working on the game! This looks promising


It's great quality but the game does get competitive.


Thank you. Sorry about the reptitive nature of the game, Sadly I would of loved to put more tasks in there but as you can imagine, It's quite hard to include so much visual polish + mechanics in such short space of time. I personally like the reaction of people playing my game and commenting on its visual nature rather than gameplay. Thank you so much for playing my game I really appreciate it! :)


very polished game but it is too repetitive


I appreciate your opinion, whilst i do agree that this may come across repetitive, its quite hard to make a good looking game with interesting gameplay. Sadly I focus more on art > mechanics. Thank you for playing though I really appreciate your time :)


very polished game, great visuals and gameplay-wise it was cool ! Great job!


This game is sooooo polished! You even added a cutscene, collectables, and everything! Did you not sleep at all for 3 days?!


Haha thank you so much! I have kids so could not work on it during the day. Spent around 8 hours each night to work on this. Who needs sleep anyway right ? :D


Very nice graphics, looks very polished.


Beautiful game! Also very good audio, both sound and music. Would have wished for some way to speed the upload up because the game quickly became a bit boring and tedious just waiting around for the alarms to go off. Still, pretty good for the amount of time spent on it!


Great feedback I was experiencing this same thought too and am thinking of increasing the upload speed. thanks for playing! :)


maybe make it that you can interact with some of the computers to speed things up


really great and well made in the problem i had is that it looked like it broke at the start and i couldn't find a place to fix bugs anywhere, the plus is that i found all the collectibles

Developer (1 edit)

Did you eventually find a place to fix the bugs? It's the main console, Its only accessable when there are no errors :)


ok ill try it agian and see if that works because i had fixed the main console it but i guess it broke right after


It's okay, I did increase the difficulty slightly since there had been some comments saying there was too much time inbetween errors. Sadly you will find yourself juggling between fixing errors and then clearing bugs. If you mess up fixing errors you will be kicked out of the console and a bug will appear. There is no timer counting whilst your are fixing errors, so you can take your time.

Good job finding all the collectables btw! :)


thanks for the help


The art in your games always amazes me!

I'd like to try my hand at a 2D character walking in 3D someday, like you did here. the effect of the map and light source is truly remarkable. The cut-ins and UI are also wonderful.

As I was playing, the music stopped. The loop may not be working properly.

After clearing the game, it terminated abnormally with an error. I couldn't copy the error message, but it seemed to be something about Unity's Javascript.

I would have preferred the game to be a little busier for me, but I loved the feeling of searching for the console where the error occurred and making mistakes in a hurry.


Ah thank you I am humbled by your compliment. I love your design style too and have been following you for a little while :)

Getting the 2D character lit up was suprisingly difficult as I am used to using 2D+Animator+2D Lighting. With 3D I had to make the character in several pieces and attach them as a material to quad, using normals helps sell the effect. 

I have fixed the Issue with the audio not repeating but honestly cant believe I forgot such  a simple thing. lol

Yeah the error is because you clicked the exit button or pressed E at the end screen, this invokes 'Application.quit' which is meant for .exe files. I did not have the time to remove it at the time. I you saw the end screen then you completed it :)

On another playthrough I too experience longer delays between console errors and I will try to fix this and make them shorter intervals later today. Did you manage to find the hidden collectable though? they were there to help the inbetweens :D