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Welcome to Mini Jam 7th edition Greek Mythology!

Mini jam is an open studio game jam for independent game developers.

(that means you can use any game engine you want!)

 yey (◕ω◕)

In this jam you are given a theme, and  a set of limitations to your game. 

The limitations will be announced when the jam begins. 

If you are on Mini Jam's Discord server, you will be able to influence what the limitations for the next jam will be.


Thanks to our partner, Bit-Studio, we can now give the winner of Mini Jam 7th edition a prize!!! The winner will get an article on!

Don't be a jerk

Keep game content PG 13 or lower

Make sure that all assets used you either own, or have permission to use

No swearing

You cant upload your game to more than one game jam

Make sure that you follow the limitations given

Have fun

Any games that don't follow the given rules will be removed !

The limitations are: Use 4 colors (And only 4 colors)

The theme of Mini Jam 7th edition is Greek Mythology.

The them is open to interpretation

Click here to join the mini jam discord server.

All events will be posted on the discord server, so be sure to join.

Crowd Forge is a place were you can find partners for various open-source projects.

Click here, to go to the crowd forge site.

No seriously, use crowd forge if your going to have a team in Mini Jam!


Bit-Studio is a french website that presents every Thursday a new promising computer project made by enthusiasts.

The goal is to help young developers to publicize their works and for visitors to discover real gems.

Q: What is this game jam you speak of?

A: A game jam is a competition in which you, and or, a team of people make a game within a specified time limit.

Q: Do I have to follow the theme?

A: It is advised.

Q: Can I work in a team, and if so how big can my team be?

A: Teams are allowed, and there is no limit to the size of your team.

Q: Can I start working on my game before the jam starts?

A: Brainstorming and related are allowed, but physically starting to build your game before the jam starts, is not allowed.

Q: Can i submit my game in another game jam?

A: Submitting your game to another jam is not recommended. Furthermore, we will remove any games made before the jam started.

Q: Should I do this game jam?

A: Yes, yes you should.

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You are a gladiator that faces waves of enemies, pick up items that appear randomly on the ground to beat them up.
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Game Boy style Greek Mythology
Role Playing
A game entry for mini jam 7
So, I made it with DaBBy for 2 days, Its our first jam. OggyKUN
Save Mount Olympus!
Ophelia must save Kiki from the Underworld.
Interactive Fiction
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Choose your greek god and be in the top in this procedural race game.
Drink wine, play darts!
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A game where you turn stuff into gold to get points but you can not touch the humans.
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