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How Does Game-Testing for a Game-Jam Game Usually Work? I'm New to Game Jams

A topic by sdhy created Jan 11, 2020 Views: 277 Replies: 5
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I imagine answers will vary depending on experience and situation.

But just curious cuz I'm new to game-jams and haven't made a game yet.

So like, do game devs test their game-jam games during a game jam?

Is this an optional thing?

Do game devs post a demo on discord on day 2 or something?

Or have a teammate or random roommate test it? Or play-test it yourself?


I usually test it as I go along. After I'm comfortable enough with the build I'll distribute it to any team members for feedback.


Interesting. Thanks.


Play-testing should be an on-going activity for the developer. This makes sure that the game is always in a working state, and letting others play gives you critical feedback in knowing your systems are working as intended, are communicated to the player well, and can handle some unusual player circumstances (I've had more than a handful of people break my game in ways I could never have imagined as the developer.)


Cool. Thanks.


Quick sidenote: Updates after the submission period of the jam are allowed. You can playtest and fix bugs after you submitted.