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Welcome to the 7th sound challenge!

This challenge is a bit of an experiment. We are trying out the platform for the latest installment of our game sound challenge. (Usually we use our local forums on

For those unfamiliar with our challenges, the aim is to create sound effects/music for a game or to replace the sound/music from a video of the game. Here is our last sound challenge (#6).

The challenge:
For this challenge we will once again be replacing music/sound effects for a game. Steven Tu (aka. @Tuism), has graciously volunteered for us to use his game Beat Attack!. You will need to replace the sound files of the game and send them to @Tuism. He will create a build for you which you can then enter the challenge with.

Beat Attack!'s current sound is produced by the talented Tim Harbour (aka @Tim_harbour)

This is quite a unique challenge due to Beat Attacks procedural-like music generation system. The music is structured in a way so that it can speed up and slow down as the game progresses, without bending its pitch. Each song is built up using short samples that are fired off in a regular timing pattern (like at every beat in a 4/4 time signature).

If you don't want the hassle of creating sample files and sending them to Steven, you may replace the sound to this video of the game instead. *** Note: this will be quite challenging due to the changing tempo of the game!

Technical details:

  • The game engine will trigger off samples at regular time intervals at set beat-per-minute timing. For example, when the song is running at 120bpm, samples will fire every 0.5 seconds.
  • The current format for the sound files are any sequentially numbered audio files eg. BeatAttackTrack02_001.mp3, BeatAttackTrack02_002.mp3. The song is structured in sets of 8 beats (the blocks rise by a level after each set of 8). The sample sets are available here:
  • The gameplay runs (on the easiest level) from 90bpm to 120bpm. That's a game constraint. At the hardest difficulty it's 120bpm to 170bpm. Keep this in mind.
  • Once you have created the samples and would like to test them in-game, send the files to Steven and he can make a build for you.

Challenge details:

  • Make a post of your entry on with a link to your jam entry! Entries without a post on MGSA will be disqualified by the admins (after prior warning). If you particularly don't want to post on MGSA please get in touch with one of the admins.
  • When submitting a game please check the "other" category. That will stop our entries being indexed as games on the main webpage.

Who can enter?
This is primarily created for members of the MGSA community and South African musicians/ sound designers/ game developers. Feel free to join even if you are not.

Admin details:
MGSA forum name: @creative630
Email: creative630 [at] gmail [dot] com

MGSA forum name: @Tuism
Email: steven [at] twoplusgames [dot] com

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