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Artist Looking for a Team

A topic by Kirb created May 22, 2020 Views: 235 Replies: 6
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Reposting from the Discord server:

TL;DR I’m a digital artist (preferably pixel art / sprites) looking to get a team, most likely with a programmer as I’m not at all experienced in game development (Game Maker for example). I’d also be willing to make a few music tracks if needed, but my skills there are lacking compared to what I do for art.

Hi! Are you still free? I think we can work together!

Perhaps, but I noticed you already responded to Nonatomusic’s thread, so it makes me think you’re getting ahead of yourself unless you’re trying to get the both of us on your team. In any case, what can you contribute?


You need a programmer?

Yes. I apologize for not answering you on Discord for a while, too, as some other things came up that took my time away.


That's okay, so are you interested in making a team for the jam?

Sure! Just make sure to go over the Discord post if you haven’t already. My “schedule” is very loose, and I work on whatever I can whenever I can, but I’ll do my best as much as possible.