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Have you ever wanted to use Impressionist art in your games? What about rare sketches of various mechanical things? Maybe you've combed through museum archives, looking for assets, only to find out that they're protected under license. 

Well, wait and want no longer. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has put up over three hundred thousand images under the Creative Commons license. You will find photos of clothing, preliminary sketches of famous pieces, archeological finds, paintings, vintage ads, and more at the links here and here. This jam centers on using these images from the Met -- either as inspiration or assets within the game itself -- to create games.

Submissions close on September 1st -- my birthday! Let's have some fun!

1. You must use at least one asset from the Met's Open Access collections as an integral part of your game.
2. Any platform or type of game is allowed, so long as it includes visual assets from the Met. Yes, this includes analog games. Go wild.
3. No bigotry. This includes sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism. Seriously.
4. Please try not to put your game behind a paywall until submissions close.


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You may not look at their faces. To look upon sacredness is to know your own imperfection.
Puzzle ART é um jogo de quebra cabeça que foi desenvolvido para a Met Open Access Jam
Short game using MET assets
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