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Hello fellow devs!

More than five years ago, I started hosting the Metroidvania Month Jam series. Many games have been created since then, but sometimes game ideas get put to a halt due to circumstances. That is why I created this Super edition originally: to give you a little motivation to work on your metroidvania idea!

About the Super edition

Super Metroidvania Month Jam is a counterpart to the Metroidvania Month Jam, running at the same time. Instead of lasting only one month, it lasts three, which makes it run all year long. This edition is aimed to be very casual: the goal is simply to further develop your metroidvania game, whether it was submitted to MVM in the past or not!


1. You can submit any metroidvania type game you have made, at any degree of progress, and even if it wasn't submitted to an MVM in the past. Show us your metroidvania game!

2. Teaming is accepted and even encouraged! Take the occasion to get a bigger team if you want to!

3. The game needs to have a PG-13 rating or below. To be clear: no nudity, excessive swearing, no gore (for the subtleties of that one, refer yourself to these two posts: Post 1 and Post 2)

4. You are free to use any engine and tools you want, and none is encouraged over any other.

5. Late entries are not accepted. In any case, there's an SMVM right after the end of this one.

6. There is no theme. The only requirements are that your game is a metroidvania and is playable. There also isn't any prize. But, if you submit your game to the jam, it will be featured in the background of the next SMVM!


Games will be rated on these criteria:

★ Enjoyment

 Was the game fun? Would you keep playing it? This criteria is highly subjective and mostly based on the feels you got.

★ Execution

 Refers to how the game's concepts were put together. Did it have any bugs? Was the idea original and creative? If there was worldbuilding and narrative, how well was it implemented? Was the map and level design remarkable?

★ Visuals

 Did you like how the game looked? Were the visuals consistent?

★ Audio

 Did you like how the game sounded? Was the audio consistent?

★ Metroidvania

 Does this game belong in this jam? Was the Metroidvania aspect subtle or could you clearly say it was one? If you're not sure, you can check this page.

Everyone who submitted or contributed to a submission is able to rate. If you didn't, you can still leave a comment, every feedback is appreciated! Results are out two weeks after the end of the submission period.

Special thanks to Zahran Worrell for the banner and all the design tips and help!

Join the Discord server! A friendly and cozy community that can help you with gamedev, provide feedback, and play your games! The place to go to make teams (special mention to artists, which are pretty rare on the server). The server is pretty extensive, letting you share your work in all kinds of domains and discuss media. It's also the place to go for announcements, as it's the main source of information. Opened to everyone!

Hope to see you participate and I'm looking forward to what you'll make!

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