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YouTuber willing to play your games, right here!

A topic by Jack Le Hamster created Mar 31, 2018 Views: 301 Replies: 6
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Hello, there.

I'm a brand new YouTuber, and plan to make some videos of your games. If you'd like me to play your game, please fill out the form below:

Link here:

And feel free to check out my channel:

Thank you!


Hey Vincent! I really enjoyed your game! So I'm happy to fill out your form!


Sigh, my game doesn't run on mac, but I like youtube ;) check out mine sometime. 


No worries, I'm sure you can find other streamers with Windows


You can build for Mac with Godot, even if running from a windows machine


Really? I need to research it more, but on initial search, I didn't find it via google versus how easy I found making a .exe file. 


When exporting, just export to Mac or Linux

Android and IPhone is also possible but more complex.