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Hi! We're Melty Donut, a queer art collective looking to stretch our creative limbs and encourage others to do the same. This is hopefully the first of many jams we are hoping to run! 

This first time around the theme is "MIXTAPE". 

Tell us a story about a time you made someone a mixtape, write about music that doesn't exist yet, sketch up a fashion show based on songs you hate. Whatever the word "MIXTAPE" brings to mind, that's what we want to see.

The jam starts on June 1st and will run until July 1st. One entry is allowed per person. If your entry is the result of a collaborative effort, that counts as one entry for each person involved.

This is a non-ranked jam and we will feature all entries on our twitter and tumblr.

1. Your zine should fall somewhere between 10-25 'pages' long. This number should include a front cover, as well as any additional credits, title pages, etc. you would like to add.

2. Format is of your choosing. Feel free to bend the boundaries of what you consider a 'zine'. 

This may include:
-A digital zine
-Video footage of a physical booklet
-A choose-your-own-adventure game experience 
-A zine within a zine
-Get a little weird with it if you want, I'm not your dad.

3. Please include content warnings if tackling sensitive or graphic content. 

4.If you use any resources you did not create yourself, please credit your sources.

5. Your entry may be the result of a collaborative effort. 

That's it!)
Use #MeltyDonutZineJam to discuss your thoughts, display your progress and ask questions. You can also email us at or contact @meltydonut on twitter and meltydonut on tumblr.

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a zine about chicago transit authority stops
A short zine with a playlist and commentary
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