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Thank you for the games: Now, how about finding people to play them?

A topic by Title_Pending created Mar 19, 2018 Views: 152 Replies: 2
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I researched out to some communities I'm a part of who are not gamedevs at all, but play games. So, let the votes happen, and let's see what people think. Sadly, some people who did submit, decided to remove their game, as they felt it wasn't appropriate or in true spirit of the jam. 

About the prize money:  It will happen in a couple of months. Keep your games free please in that time, but keep the option to name your own price from $0.00, and I will pay the $70.00 based on people's vote. At the end, let's just consider this the icing on the cake, and not the real cake. 

I will be playing these game and making a YouTube vid about the entire jam, but for now. I'm all about the #MetaGameJam ;)

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The theme was really interesting in pointing what games can do for the human rights.
Thanks for hosting this jam!


Thanks for submitting... I might do it again next year ;)