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ME2 in Korea and Some Closing Comments

A topic by Title_Pending created Mar 07, 2018 Views: 124
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Hi all,
The #ME2 movement has finally hit S.Korea, and many women are speaking up. The abuses are coming in and change is starting to happen. Here's a link to a related news story if you are interested.

Some more good news my friend Katie got interviewed for being a female developer. Seems right to post this as International Woman's Rights Day is coming soon.  To be honest, I've been busy this last month and did not promote this as much as I could have or maybe should have. Devs who were interested felt that it was too hard of a subject to make a game for. Still, I hope for more submissions by tomorrow. I'm also willing to extend the deadline by one week for anyone who would like to try, as well as others who may want to polish their game.  I will also be playing these games on my youtube Channel, so more polish the better. And, I may make this an annual thing. It's also looks like has solved price money issue as all I have to do is buy the game on here :D  And, here's the next game jam I'm a part of. If starts in ten days... hope to see you there.