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A topic by nielisson created 39 days ago Views: 215 Replies: 6
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How is it fair to compete  graphics-wise when ppl are allowed to use free graphical assets from
Just wondering. Don't wanna cause a scene


Thanks for your question nielisson and you bring up great point, I'll definitely have to tweak that rule a little bit to make it a bit more fair.
I'll keep everyone posted and thanks again for bringing that to my attention! (I hope you don't mind I made this topic sticky)

@nielisson thats easy just judge based on style, graphical coherence and composition of props. Rathan than judging based on "realism" or how hard a game works your gpu.

there's a chance that contestants would give low rates to other entries to win the cash.


Good point Nahid Games (and I've definitely thought of it) I've actually [surprisingly] hosted a cash prize jam before and amazingly it's not really an issue, at least it wasn't last time. I think the itch community is just above that kind of stuff- which is why it's so awesome here. But, you're right- I might have to bring in some official judges or something along those lines, just in case. I'll keep you posted and thanks for mentioning it! 

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I suggest you get some official judges.

I did participate in your last jam with money prizes (the Mashup Jam). It was actually the first jam I participated in on It was very fun but everyone felt that first place was undeserved. The winning game ranked third with 3/5 on Audio category although it had no sound or music.

Anyway, looking forward to this one as well.

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Hey Sl1ngShot- glad to have you back! After considering I'm actually currently looking into getting some judges lined up (now that this jam is 250+ participants) That last jam was a bit of an interesting outcome- definitely a learning experience for me... and I think you're right about getting some "official eyes" on this jam, just to make sure. I also decided this time around to have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes; to spread the winnings around a little more. I'll have a bunch more info on this May 1st. Anyway, thanks for being patient and I appreciate you giving it another shot! ;)