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The Super Memevasion is upon us

A topic by Sl1ngShot created May 14, 2018 Views: 74 Replies: 1
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Hey all,

I finally managed to get into a game jam and actually complete it. After four nights of work I came with Super Memevasion.

In the game, Sponge Grey Memenator must stop a meme invasion (memevasion, wink wink). It's a mashup of SpongeBob, 1983 Mario Bros. arcade game and drawn memes, which isn't really a cult classic but more like a phenomenon with a cult following these days.

The game plays like 1983 arcade game Mario Bros. Enemies spawn at the top and fall down platforms all the way to the bottom. You need to jump and hit the platforms underneath them to knock them out, then jump up on the platform and touch them to take them out of the game. There is no ending to the game. Every time you take out an enemy, two more spawn and, just like in real life, before you know it, you're invaded with memes (or, at least your facebook/twitter feed is).

The initial plan was to have online leaderboards and a larger assortment of meme characters with various behaviors, and even two player local multiplayer but had to cut them down due to time constraints. In the end...well, at least I finished it, so I guess that's something.

You can enjoy this marvel of a gem here.

Note to self for next jam: pair with an artist because I suck at graphics.