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A Rogue Fairytale

A topic by m.zadz created May 08, 2018 Views: 93 Replies: 1
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Coming on the back of ludum dare #41, I was keen on having a second go on  a gamejam. Cult classics was an interesting choice of theme and got me thinking. I tried to jot down a few ideas and also googled “cult classics” for inspiration but failed. Then, I remembered my niece talking about her favourite Disney characters. She mentioned the likes of Elsa, Belle, Moana. Why not make a game centred around Disney Princesses (I thinks its  a cult classic).

Weirdly, that was the only idea that I thought I can make a game out of but I had to think of which genres to mash up. Unlike LD#41, I went for something that I feel comfortable with – breakout. And something, which may be a bit tricky but achievable – rogue-like.

So My plan is to make a rogue-like, with the bouncy ball mechanics of breakout centred around a Disney Princess. I chose the game and main character to be loosely based on Snow White. The game will be about going through pseudo-procedurally generated levels with hordes of enemies to kill before going to the next level. You’ll kill enemies by shooting dwarves at them and the dwarves bounce around the whole screen. Through the level you can collect more dwarves which you can use to attack enemies. Once you’ve collected 7 dwarves, you’ll fight the queen at the end.

This may be a tad ambitious but we’ll see where we get to. Here is some early gameplay footage (the red circles are gonna be dwarves soon):


Very cool m.zadz! I dig the concept (Disney princess can definitely be very cult!) and really like your cute (but freaky) art style. Also, I'm glad to hear you pulled double duty and did LD#41 and this jam, WAY TO GO!!!