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Welp TIFU. Time to scrap everything and start from scratch.

A topic by Jacoder23 created May 08, 2018 Views: 183 Replies: 1
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Well, it seems that although I'm not dropping out of the jam I am going to have a lot of trouble at this point. Especially since I'm scrapping all the work I've done so far.

So my original idea for my game kept changing over and over again, first it was inspired by old horror classics like Night of the Living Dead, and The Birds, and then it became inspired by the movie version of The Shining (I'm personally terrible at horror, so it's a small wonder that I managed to go so long making a horror game) and at one point I was thinking about taking from Black Mirror! The whole thing became a mess, and I learned the value of pre-production and planning things out beforehand, a bit too late.

Anyways, it seems that I'm making a whole new game with the little time left. This time I'm going to go for a mix of Friday The 13th and (possibly, still have to plan things out a bit) A Nightmare On Elm Street.

I just hope I finish in time. :P

Deleted post

Thanks! The setting of the game is going to be in a summer camp, and although I think I'm good on the audio (I'm fairly good at making music and what-not) I'm not so sure about the graphics...

I am going to sleep now (it's 2am over here, so another nuke to add to the pile) so I'll try my hand at making some pixel art tomorrow. If I need any help, or if you need any help with thing you're doing in the future then I guess we'll let each other know. :)