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Manor of Deception

A topic by jcmonkey created May 03, 2018 Views: 176 Replies: 3
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Mashup: Clue with Maniac Mansion

I had fun with both of these when i was younger.

Im going to attempt to make a click based adventure where you solve a murder!!

I will try and do pixel art for this, since i want to learn it, and i figure i can give it a go here and see what happens.


Great idea! I'm glad your gonna give pixel art a try and I'm excited to see how your game will turn out!


cool dood

so atm i ran into some problems getting a web version to work. i got a downloadable for windows to work right now. the game code isnt complete yet, but you can walk around in all the rooms and see what i have done sofar. i discovered some problems with my pixel art regarding one bit size for all the images. thats a pixel art noob mistake that i wont make again on the next project. but since this was my first pixel art game i think ill give my self a pass. so for now enjoy what i have, and ill continue to work on the game code and get a complete working game out.

you can play the version of the game i have sofar here

if you have any tips or advice on my pixel art let me know, it would be appreciated :D