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A topic by radHABiT created May 02, 2018 Views: 387 Replies: 25
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Post any questions you have here!


where'd the devlog go?


Sorry about that NinJaRed, this actually was the devlog but I decided to change it since I had a feeling it would get too crowded/confusing (with posts and replies) and I figured a Q&A post would be good to have ;)

So, feel free to just start a new thread for your own personal devlog (I think that will be more organized) Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the question!


no prob! sounds good

Does the cult classic have to something old (like just stuff from the 80s and earlier) or can it be newer stuff too? I'm just wondering as the term "classic" usually implies something old as well.


Yeah, I saw people asking about that on discord and came to the decision of anything that has a "cult following". So it can definitely be recent, I'd say Undertale is a good example of this. I hope that helps and great question btw!

Aw yep that helps. Thank you

where did other entries go? 

I think the creators took them down temporarily. I do think it's a good choice since the submission deadline is still 12 days away.


I was wondering that too actually, they must've removed them... I promise it wasn't me!!!

i didn't remove my game. 


What the?? Now I am confused... was yours the Tom & Jerry one?
Would you mind posting it again... I'm not sure what happened??

radHABIT sir I m trying but my game is not being displayed in entries. 


Hmm... That is really strange, I'm not sure why that's happening but try this submission link and see if that works:

nothing happened sir but thanks for the reply. 

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Dang! I'm seriously stumped??? The link I sent should give you a bypass to be able to submit your game... the only thing I can think of is if the game was tagged with "copyrighted material" by itch. If that's the case, this jam might be in big trouble :/

Deleted post

sir please tell me is it a copyright game? I am seriously in great fear. 


Not to worry, you're fine. I'm still not sure why your game is showing up though...

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What if the game genre itself has a cult following? Could we use that and then combine it with something else? Examples: God Game, Point and Click, Text Adventure, Bullet Hell, etc.

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Oh yeah, I like that! Definitely a great idea (I wish I would've thought of it) If you don't mind, I'll mention this on the main page and I'm excited to see what you come up with!


Is it okay to do a Lets play on one of  these? or do i have to wait til the end of the JAM


Heck yeah! Go right ahead!! I'm excited to see your stuff Moon Robot


Just did this.

Hey radHABiT, i emailed you to try and discuss the future of the discord and what not. if you could give me your skype or a better way to contact you that would be appreciated. or you can email me Cheers!