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A topic by radHABiT created Apr 25, 2018 Views: 823 Replies: 8
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WOW! I'm so impressed with everyone's hard work! You guys really ROCKED it! Thanks for everyone who participated and for making this a big hit. It was awesome to see all the games take shape, even with the crazy theme- you guys really went above and beyond! Thanks again and AwEsOmE work, you made it all worth it!

Update: Just wanted to put a quick thanks out to everyone who's joined, I can't believe we have over 120 participants; we are the 3rd largest jam in this block of jams (just a few behind #2) and I couldn't be more stoked about it! And GOOD LUCK to everyone I really am so pumped to see what you guys create (also, just to clarify it was totally fine if you started making your game when the theme dropped, fyi) and most of all HAVE FUN EVERYONE!

I finally got the server going (embarrassingly, I'd never actually used discord before) thanks to Terry The Bodacious Skeleton for telling me to set it up ;)

Theme Reveal Post:
Well, I used a random theme generator and after a completely incoherent theme ("Mature Emperor" no joke, that's what came up first! It's actually kind of awesome LOL) I next landed on CULT CLASSICS as the theme, which I thought might be a little tricky and the situation altogether is somewhat deja vu since (as Clumsy Mage had pointed out in the welcome section) I had initially created a "Clone" jam but was worried copyrighted stuff would be a problem so I ended up switching to the Mashup jam you see now. And as you can't escape fate, it appears we are back to a possible copyright issue (obviously) with cult classics but since I want to stay true to theme and the randomness of it all, I've decided to leave it up to all of you to keep the copyright stuff in mind... After thinking about it, my best advice would be; Use inspiration from cult classics. For instance, "Jason" the hockey mask wearing monster from Friday the 13th could be "Jake" the football helmet wearing monster that attacks on Saturday the 14th (I hope that makes sense!) So, with the copyright stuff in mind; the jam has basically become my original clone jam idea (which I kinda love?! Oh the irony!) Anyway, since this is getting a little long-winded just use your best judgement; game jammers are smart people and I know you guys will find a way to make this an AwEsOmE jam! Thanks for understanding and GOOD LUCK!

Original Post: WOW! I can't believe it 50+ (so far) participating in the jam, made itch's featured jams list, was the main header on Crowdforge's Jam homepage (shout out to JAM for letting me know about Crowdforge) and even mentioned in the official itch blog! What a week and I have all of you to thank for making this jam HYPED to the MAX! Anyway, just thought I mention that and also I've got my super duper theme generator ready to go and it's getting hard to wait until next week, so I've decided to reveal the theme this Friday (4/27) to give you all an extra weekend to work! (Special shout out to Ehausman to inspiring me to do it :D ) So clear your schedule and get ready to JAM this weekend!!!


Well that's nice, I can't wait too!

Can you update the countdown on the main page?


Glad to hear! And I'd totally update the countdown but (and your probably gonna think this is so shallow) the jam calendar is jam packed at the moment (pun intended) and we're currently sitting pretty near the top ;) However, if I change the start date it would cause our time to run into another jam and most likely drop us down to the bottom of the list. You see, unfortunately (and perhaps in some cases, fortunately) itch's active calendar can be a bit of a wild beast to tame- one minute you're on top of the world and the next second you're down in the gutter. So, I don't like to try my luck too much when it comes to changing jam times as it can have surprising (and often undesirable) effects on placement. And I'm all about the being in that sweet, sweet limelight ;D but don't let the "official" date stop you from starting your game when the theme is revealed, you more than have my blessing to begin on Friday! It'll just be our little secret (k?!) Anyway, good luck and thanks for understanding (also sorry I'm such a sLeAzE!)


lol gaming the system

well gotta say at least your honest ++respect

Hey radHABiT, I am having a hard time understand the theme and what I am supposed to do. Could You please explain what am I supposed to mash up. Also this is my first time joining a game jam. 



It's hard to figure out exactly what to do with this but [luckily] it was a slow and lonely day at work so I had plenty of time really mull it over and I think I figured it out (feel free to correct me/interject here)

I wouldn't normally 'show my hand' but the easiest way to explain it is to simply tell you my game plan:

So, I've decided to take one of my favorite (well, everyone's favorite) "cult classic" videogame, Earthbound and mash it up with one my favorite cult classic movies (also book if you want to get technical), the Warriors. And as radhabit mentioned above, shying away from the copyrighted stuff- I'm going to give my game the Earthbound visual/audio treatment but the story and character style will inspired by the Warriors, without directly ripping off sprites/sfx from Earthbound or the actual characters/story from the Warriors. Basically, it will be crazy cool gangs that rule the city with that funky EB flavor. Does that make sense? At least that is what I gathered from what was stated above.

I hope that helps and good luck (and please don't steal my idea!)

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Thanks that helped a little, so basically you take any 2  cult classic books/movies/game and smash them together. Am I correct? And don't worry I wont steal Your idea.

Yes! At least that's how I interpreted it...


Sorry for the late reply guys! Also, sorry the theme is very vauge and sort of confusing... I will say, impeckable's response was spot on! It is an A+ example of what I was trying to describe (failing miserably) Anyway, thx for posting both of you and hopefully this helps out anyone else who is having trouble with the theme. Hang in there everybody, I know you'll do great... Sometimes a bad theme makes for excellent games ;)