This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-06-05 07:00:00 to 2020-06-08 07:00:00. View results

The theme is...SIZE MATTERS!

Welcome everyone to the first ever MashUp Game Jam!

This is a 72-hour game jam hosted by MashUp Games, an indie game development YouTuber. The aim of this jam is for people to make games, make friends and, most of all, have fun. This may be a competition, but everyone's a winner in a game jam - you get to come out of it with a game that you can call your own!

The jam is taking place from Friday 5th June 08:00 UK time, to Monday 8th June 08:00 UK time, so from Friday morning to Monday morning.

Absolutely anyone can enter! There is no restriction here, so you can work by yourself or work in a team. If you want to work in a team but can't find anyone to work with, then you can find a team on the MashUp Games Discord server, which will have a whole category dedicated to the MashUp Game Jam.

If you wish to enter, you just have to make an account. If you are unable to make an account, or unable to submit a game before the deadline, then send me a message on Twitter or Discord. I will see to it that I play your game, but be aware that if this is the case then your game will not be rated, therefore you will not have a chance at winning any of the categories.

Take all the time you need, there is no benefit to getting your game submitted as early as possible since all game submissions are hidden from the public until the submission period is over.

The games are rated by the public in categories:

  • Overall - how good the game is as a whole
  • Theme - how well the game adheres to the theme
  • Originality - how original the design of the game is
  • Design - how well the game is designed (levels, mechanics)
  • Fun - how fun the game is to play
  • Visuals - how visually appealing the game is
  • Audio - how good the game sounds

It is highly encouraged that you play and rate other people's games, this is a very effective way of getting others to play and rate your game.

What do the winners get?

The winner for each category will have their game played and showcased on the MashUp Games YouTube channel, as well as given a special role on the MashUp Games Discord server.

MashUp Games will also play all games submitted to the jam, and showcase his favourites (depending on how many submissions there are). Since this is the first ever MashUp Game Jam, it is almost guaranteed that your game will be played by MashUp Games, but if you want to see him play your game and get constructive feedback then strive to make the best game you can!

At the end of it all, the real winners are the people who submit a game. It takes a lot of determination to start and finish a game, especially in a short timeframe, so for all those who do enter and submit something, you're the real winners here.

What can I make my game in?

The only rule here is that your game must be playable on a Windows computer or on browser. So physical games or levels made in other games (Mario Maker, Dreams) are not  allowed. This is so that everyone has a chance to play every game submitted.

A game playable in browser is recommended. This way you'll get a lot more plays - people are more likely to play and rate a game they don't have to download!

What can I use?

You can make your game using any game engine and frameworks.

No premade assets are allowed in this jam. That is, no art, sound or music assets. All the code, art, music, sound and design must be made exclusively for the jam, within the duration of the jam. So no making assets for the jam before it starts.

However, font assets are free to use in the jam (it is not expected for you to make your own font), as long as the font itself is free for public use. And assets that don't affect the game but help you out are allowed, i.e.  Unity owned assets. No standard assets are allowed. 

If suspicions are raised that your game may contain code assets that aren't yours, be aware that you may be asked to show your source code. If you are unable to show your code, then you will be disqualified. You only need to share your source code with the game jam host, and only in the case that it is suspected that the code is your own. If no suspicions are raised, then you do not need to share your source code.

Are NSFW games allowed?

NSFW games are allowed, as long as you provide a clear 18+ warning before the game starts. If the game does not provide such warning, and the game is deemed NSFW, then you will be disqualified from the jam.

Also be aware that any NSFW games may be mentioned in video but do not have a chance of being played on the MashUp Games channel.

Can I make changes to my game after the submission period has finished?

Yes, but you can only make bug fixes. You cannot add additional content to your game. However, once the rating period has finished, then you are free to do what you want with your submission.