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3 days till the end... how's it going?

A topic by Mammut RPG created Apr 15, 2019 Views: 164 Replies: 11
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First of all, we are happy with your response. We know that many are working in silence and that's fine. Others are confronting each other, seeking advice, sharing their work. We love both approaches!

We have three days until the deadline for submitting the games. Tell us how it's going, if you like the jam, if the design goal is within your reach; tell us about yourself or about the game you'd like to write (not necessarily a map-game).

One of the goals of this jam is to create a community of players and game designers. If even two of you continue to exchange opinions and advice after the jam, Mapemounde will have been worthwhile.

– Antonio


My game is going well! I've finished my first draft of the rules & sheets needed for play. Now I just need to make a map sheet, tidy up the rules document a bit, and spend any time I have left testing the game. I'm really happy with how this game turned out and I'm so excited to release it. 

The game I'm submitting for this jam, One Trillion Years, is one of 3 I'm working on at the moment. I'm also working on a game for the Me, Myself, and My RPG Game Jam called Spooky Action at a Distance. That one is a game about first contact with alien life. Before I joined these jams I was also working on a hack of Blades in the Dark called Neon Black. I'll be getting back to work on that once I'm finished with these. I wanted to take a break from such a big design project to finish some smaller games, and I'm glad that I did.

I'd say the design goal is definitely within my reach, but I was already thinking of a game that crossed multiple times or ages before it was announced. I think the jam's theme overall was a good one. I've heard about games like the Quiet Year and Fall of Magic, but never had a chance to play them. After participating in this jam, I really want to check those games out to see other approaches. 

Can't wait to see what everyone else puts together. I'm trying to save up some cash so I can splurge on them all, as well as titles from the #AloneGameJam 


I have my idea, I think I developed it in my mind, but now I’m slowly writing it. I think I’m a little stuck, but I should complete it anyway in time for the submission.


Just ran a playtest that resulted in some pretty major mechanical changes to my design. I should still have enough time to assemble it all into a streamlined game, though.

It is going good. Couldn't get the team together untill just before the hand in date but we have come up with a few good ideas and just need to finish typing everything up.


Had a small test yesterday, I'd like to get another in before finished (and complete the list of things).


We are just working like crazy, but too many things to do in such a small amount of time :P 


Don’t tell me! 😂


I'm done. I didn't get the chance to play-test it as much as i would have liked but i enjoyed the overall result. Unfortunately i won't have any more time to tidy up the rules document. Oh well, at least it's printer-friendly.


I'm trying to put the finishing touches on my game text. I won't get the chance to do art or much layout before the deadline. Are we allowed to update our entries over the next couple days for that kind of thing?


I am by no means an official source, but since the game jam says to create a "playable draft," I focused on making a readable document and I figured I would wait until the voting is done to make any changes or add any art if I happen to come up with some, but it also doesn't say that you can't make changes, so maybe you wouldn't have to wait.


Hi, Jason.

Your playable draft is fine for now. :)

Obviously you are free to update your entry, we just ask you to wait until the end of the vote!