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Developers - Mobile Hand tracking is here! Become a superhero!

Have you ever wanted to control objects telepathically with your own hands? Do you want to master the elements and throw fireballs to your enemies at will? Are you strong enough to become a Jedi and master the Force, or will you join the Avengers and use Iron Man’s hand blasters? 

 We want you to use your creativity and show us how. Join our Game Jam and develop a fun game using ManoMotion’s Hand Tracking SDK PRO and use your hands as a new kind of controller. With the PRO Features, you will able to track each of the 21 joints of the hand in 3D, using only your smartphone RGB camera (Android & iOS).

Game Jam Terms

Registration: Registration to the event will take place via Itch. Participants can register themselves during the registration period (May 17-21). There may only be 1 registration per user, however users may form teams (see below). 

IMPORTANT: send an email to with the subject [GAMEJAM] indicating your ManoMotion's account email and your username so it is properly registered as a Game Jam participant (and you can download PRO!)

Teams: Participants may choose to work collaboratively and form teams. The max number of people is 3 per team. The formation of the team is solely handled by the participants and the team members should be reflected in the submission folder (see below). 

Rules: Users are allowed to use any external asset (copyright attribution must be according to ). Team formation and submission is handled by the team members. In order for a submission to be valid, it should include and make use of at least one ManoMotion SDK Pro feature. ManoMotion can disqualify any submission at any given point if it violates the code of conduct or use of SDK.

The deadline of the game jam is May 26 - 12PM CEST.

Platform: Mobile (Android / iOS)

Engine: Unity

Evaluation: Selected members of the ManoMotion team will do a ranking on the submissions to provide the final list where the top 3 Teams/Participants will be announced winners. The criteria of evaluation will be public and they are (ranked) as follows:

  1. Usability of the application. 
  2. Gameplay Fun. 
  3. Creative use of ManoMotion Feature(s) 
  4. Composition (Visuals/Sound/Aesthetics). 


1st: €350  Amazon Gift card + 6 months SDK PRO license

2nd: €200 Amazon Gift card + 6 months SDK PRO license

3rd: €100 Amazon Gift card + 6 months SDK PRO license

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 positions: €50 Amazon Gift card + 3 months SDK PRO license

The awards will be emailed on the winners after reaching out to them. 

ManoMotion reserves the right to award such prizes to the participants if they don't meet a minimum quality criteria or if they violate any of the terms of the Game Jam (which include ManoMotion's license of usage terms)


Please join our Discord channel or email for any urgent issues.

Good luck and have fun!!


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Travel Around the world
Become the hero and protect earth from corona virus
Feel like Doctor Strange and unleash magic spells out of your hands!
Kill the corona virus floating in air.
Become Magneto from Xmen with Manomotion SDK Pro in AR
Save the world from attack of evil robots using the PowAR of ManoMotion hand tracking and Augmented reality.