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Krawg Jam

Jam Description/Story

Somehow, you have been magically teleported to a fantasy kingdom, however it's a TROLL kingdom. And they AREN'T happy!

Your only hope is to appease their leader, King Krawg, by making him a Video Game! (You've got all your game making equipment with you somehow).  But be careful! This world doesn't know ANYTHING about video games, so keep it simple and clear. Also, more importantly, your audience are Trolls, and they get angry (and squashy) VERY easily, so you MUST make a game that appeals to their Troll nature! Read the Guidelines below to learn more about Trolls, and about King Krawg himself so that you can make the perfect game for him! (And not get squashed!)

General Regulations (these SUPERCEDE the Guidelines below)

o   There may be a lot of guidelines, but the jam is still pretty casual.

o   Time period: You have 1 week to physically work on it, but you can start planning as early as you want

o   Browser games only.

o   You can use any tools.

o   SFW, no excessive gore, nothing hateful or intolerant


o   These Guidelines will tell you about the Troll species and also tell you about King Krawg's personal preferences so you can make a game for them that they will like, and especially, a game that doesn't anger them!

  • Rule Number 2: Keep Krawg happy. The happier the better. Use Krawg's Profile to your advantage.
  • Krawg's Profile
    • Species: Troll
      • Troll Language: they only use very very simple English. Using anything beyond 5ish letters or 2 syllables and they might not understand, and what they don't understand, they SMASH. The simpler the better, however, they still don't like the idea of people insulting their intelligence so don't make it sound like they're too dumb to understand. Have a reasonable story.
      • Trolls AREN'T HUMAN, and do not understand your human "memes" or other human-world jokes, so don't use them. And if Krawg ever thinks you're just making jokes for yourself and laughing alone, he will bake you into a pie and eat you.
      • Intelligence: they are very simple creatures. Make sure to keep things simple with clear instructions. BUT DO NOT INSULT THEIR INTELLIGENCE.
  • No flashing lights. They remind him of lighting, which he hates (and fears, though if you ever insinuate he is afraid of something...well...he will soon become the thing that YOU fear.)
  • No sudden loud noises. There was this one time his assistant shouted in his ear to wake him. His knuckles were sore for days after that.
  • Krawg loves any and all praise! Pretty much any flattery will work on him. He'll really only get mad if he thinks you're straight up lying. He loves to be told how strong, handsome, powerful, and amazing he is. Also how great he is at winning and bashing things. He also likes getting heaps of meaningless awards. (though don't tell him his accomplishments are meaningless because he can personally show you 5 good reasons why they aren' the face.)
  • Krawg likes excitement, and boredom can get you sat on. However Krawg can only take so much at a time, do not overwhelm him! Also, do not try to artificially create excitement with things like flashing lights. Try to create something new for Krawg to do in-game that he can't do normally. Or, make something regular he does much more fun and exciting.
  • Krawg loves some good smashing and bashing action! The more and the bigger the better! But don't go TOO far, because Krawg won't really get it if he smashes a universe or anything that he can't imagine wrapping his fist around. And having mindless violence is a big no-no because that's what the last King did and it nearly wiped out all the Trolls, but Krawg is a BILLION times better a Troll King than that dumb Bohb.
  • Krawg HATES to lose! (don't we all -_-) However, he doesn't want to be bored. He does enjoy toying around and small challenges (he can beat). For example, when he plays a round of "pound the sheep", he will often let the sheep run juuuust far enough away from him, before lunging at it and pulling it in to...well, to win the game.
  • Krawg's tastes: Krawg likes to taste! He loves meat, but don't insult him by serving him anything raw! He likes finely cooked meals (he IS King after all), and the juicier and more succulent the meat the better! He doesn't mind some variety with those leafy greens or some sweet fruit snacks too. But again, anything too fancy that he can't recognize, he squashes.
  • Krawg is bored by stuff he doesn't understand or hasn't heard of, so try to have enough elements that are familiar to him. Below are some staples of Troll society:
    • Rocks, boulders, pebbles, etc. (all of varying size and durability)
    • Most troll furniture and housing is rock-based, with logs as well. They're not too big on leaf usage. The King's house is special because it always has a live rare bird on top of it. (it's not so much about how beautiful the bird is, but about how much trouble all the other trolls had to go to to get out there and capture the rare bird, and also to maintain it for the King)
    • Farming: trolls farm their own meat and veggies.
    • Hunting: trolls often hunt mukmuks, which are like large hairy capybara. They are larger than trolls and make a lot of noise which is why the trolls never tried domesticating them.
    • Activities (these are not well documented, but you have a vague idea of how they work as you spent time among the Trolls)
      • "pwing pwing": A sort of game where you load large objects into a tree and then project them outwards by bending and releasing the tree
      • "foot crush": a racing kind of game. Trolls run around a track while the audience throws things at them. The participants seem to throw things at each other as well. As the name implies, the crushing of feet often occurs.
      • "break hug": You are not sure if this is a game, but occasionally you see trolls squeezing things until they crumble into tiny pieces.
      • "tug pull": a game where one troll sits on a rug, and the other must pull the rug out from under him so that he tumbles backwards the farthest. Several hazards of increasing degree are lined up behind the rug to increase audience entertainment, and for judging purposes. Reaching the burning coal zone is quite an achievement.  (trolls are thick skinned and the burns only sting for several weeks.)
      • "hill king": trolls like to do hiking of sorts, and enjoy getting to the top of large mountains and looking out. And then sliding down while bashing everything in their way.
  • Krawg likes to laugh! Now, trolls aren't just "dumb", so do not just make "dumb jokes" and hope they will work. Here are some things that get Krawg laughing, so use them wisely:
    • Krawg has lots of fun scratching funny faces in the dirt with a stick. He seems to get a laugh out of the over the top  and exaggerated expressions.
    • Krawg laughs at most physical humour. Sheep slipping on ice, a troll tripping over a sheep, some troll getting kicked in the butt by a sheep, all those kinds of things
    •  Krawg also likes it when simple misunderstandings cause big commotion. Like that time a wolf pelt fell onto a sheep which ran around blindly and spooked some poor trolls who thought wolves were attacking.
    • Krawg also finds it funny when one thing that looks like one thing turns out to be the opposite thing. Like when he swapped his assistant's rocks with gray wool during a rockball fight. His assistant's side lost, but Krawg was still happy.

Alright that's plenty of information to go on, so good luck and have fun trying appease the great and mighty King Krawg!!

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