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Please Join if you intend to come to campus.

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This is intended for SAE Brisbane students and alumni, but anyone can post something if they like.

What the hell is this?

Well it started as a Game Jam, now its a make a thing Jam. That means we don't care what it is you make or how. Want to write a story? Do it. Draw a pretty picture? Do it. Bake a cake? Hell yes, do it. Just be creative.

What's the catch?

We give out 3 key words to take as inspiration on the first day, that is the challenge. At the end we see what everyone else has done and distribute the (mostly made up) awards.


There will be a room/rooms available for working in during business hours, 9am to 5pm each day.

Event starts at 9 Monday morning, this is when we try to get teams organised if needed and announce the words. They are also put online shortly thereafter.

Wrap up is usually around 4 on Friday, at which point we do presentations of work, play each other's stuff and hand out some awards (mostly joke awards). This can run a bit later, 6ish.

Where is this?

If you are a student you are welcome to come in to the SAE Brisbane Campus and work on site on the computers and software we have here. If you are not a student and wish to work on site, we can try to make arrangements, get in contact with us.

We normally meet in the cafeteria on the first day for the unveiling of the theme words.


Yell at us on facebook: or in the community section.



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a digital diorama of a fishbowl
Role Playing
Explore and photograph a ritualistic landscape
Use the chinese constellations to help a fisherman navigate to safety.
Local Co-op Platformer
Double the platforms with double the fun!
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Don't hit yourself
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