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any tips

A topic by wormie wormface created Mar 23, 2020 Views: 154 Replies: 4
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hey this is my first game jam and i have little coding experience (have only coded with blocks and a little teeny weeny java) so any tips for this one?

This is my second jam, so I can’t give many tips. However here are some tips that I know. Don’t spend too much time with your idea. Forget about doing the main menu and pause screen until the last part of the jam. Manage your time wisely.

Hey wormface I'm in the same boat. There are plenty of assets for us to use so drawing isn't the biggest issue. I'm gonna just look for a fun (and well within my skillset) game mechanic and get it running smoothly then tack on a story and art. Since we got our limitation it can better shape the game we got in mind. Hope this helps at all.

Same. Just have fun I guess. Look up problems on YouTube becuase that solves everything 

thank you guys you are all great people!