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Grab the apples :D
Submitted by Reabs — 18 minutes, 57 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#213.9204.333

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members

Software used
Visual Studios, C++ (My own original engine using openGL)

Ice cream eaten
Unfortunately none, but lots of chips.

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Hurray!! Unlimited apples for me!! :D


Impressive game! A custom engine with that small of a filesize is really impressive, even without sound. The game itself looks good and plays well, though the player moves a bit too fast, making him feel unwieldy at times. I played the 1.1 version so appreciate the option to choose a larger window size. Well done!


I must of ran into the issue where since I was playing it over and over to test levels moving faster just felt better for me since I was breezing through it.   Appreciate the feedback will take this into account going forward.


I love the filesize of this game and the gameboy like color scheme and graphics also! Very cool concept, controls are pretty good (player moves a bit fast to me) and everything seems to work pretty well except maybe some of the moving box colliders/physics. I kept trying to drop down between a box and another box moving the same direction and instead of the bottom box pushing me, it just kills me. I think I tried it but maybe I need to push over away from the box while I am dropping down.

Developer (1 edit)

It realistically should actually be smaller but since I'm using my game engine there's overhead involved that would of been too time consuming to remove.  

If your landing on the ground and it's crushing you after moving it's a bug.  Otherwise your getting crushed by the block pushing you into the stationary block the physics doesn't give much room for leeway so if your in even a little that's it.

I actually think I see what your referring too now.   Yeah it's a bug / the physics being overly tight since the place your trying to fall down between is exactly the players width when the one block updates it pushes you into the other(doesn't check that the other block has moved (*Bug*))


This controls really well and the collision detection is spot on which is impressive since this is a custom engine. 


Since the entire data is so small and you don't move too far on any given frame I actually just check every single pixel of movement for if the player collided with the other objects.  (Ex if the player moves two to the right on a frame I just check 1 to the right, move the player, then repeat) The apples actually just have a big 8x8 grid collision but I made the spikes pixel perfect.  I could actually make collision checks against any shape I wanted in this game using this system.


Nice, but Am I allowed to say I hated it???? ^^ Ok I did not hate the game, but Level I was stuck. The one where you start on the top left get imediatly pushed to right and the spikes on the ground ahhhhh! Rage!!! ^^. The Game was good. How many Levels are there?

Maybe with some catchy music and some jump and die sounds this could be even better :D


Your almost at the end that's actually the last stage besides the win screen :O

Agreed with the audio but since I didn't actually put the entire week into it this was all I could manage.(Also I'm terrible at sound design lol)


What a absolute legend for making it that small.




A surprisingly fun little platformer. The window was really small though and the controls were hard to control. It's pretty cool you made it with your own engine though.


Yeah I went full tilt with the 96x96 requirement.  I actually made an updated build that lets you x2x3x4x5 the screen size.