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Just like that one anime.
Submitted by poret (@YaBoyPoret) — 20 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of 64x64 limit)#1323.7954.000

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Challenging game. I included it in my LowRezJam compilation, if you’d like to take a look :)


This is a pretty cool game, some spikes or walls couldn't be seen btu the fact that it was a sort of memory game was kinda nice.


I'm pretty much in full agreement with Team Gormless' comment. The jump felt great. I think bringing the camera out some would greatly help with the fairness. There were some obstacles that I never saw because I managed to keep them out of view and as a result, initially thought there might be some randomization going on. Like Gormless says, it turned into a game of memory for me. I think the game could definitely benefit from some music. Something with a good tempo to compliment your characters quickness. Your base mechanics are great! A really good entry.


I enjoyed this game quite a bit. There's a lot of positive points going for it. Firstly, the jump is really good. It feels nice, has a good height and timing, it's easy to predict and it's overall quite satisfying. The Ninja is animated well, I can tell exactly when its in the running state and jumping state. The background works as all backgrounds should. It's plain enough to not get in the way but still gives me a sense of being in a forest and a good sense of the speed of the game. The colours blend well together, nothing standing out too much and everyting is very readable.

Some very minor improvements for usability:

  • Giving me the choice to go back to title when I die is simply not needed. I never need to go back to the title screen. Instead, having a Retry option only, and filling the space with X distance travelled stat, or something to tell my how far through the level I got. It makes the game more compulsive, makes me want to play more.
  • Zooming the camera out slightly would help make the game feel a bit fairer. At the moment, the reaction time between seeing a hazard and jumping it is a bit short, especially if I over-jump and have to recover. It becomes a game of memory after a while. Zooming the camera out would allow me to see what's coming easier and react accordingly. It makes me feel more skillful that way.

All in all though, this is a solid runner game and you've nailed all the basics with it perfectly. There's many runner games that get sold on app stores that miss the basics by miles.

Really well done!



First of all thanks for the feedback! 

Good ideas on the game over menu. A mini-map that show the point you died at would be nice feedback for the player. I'll definitely be looking for ways to make my future jam games more compulsive. That's something I never really considered before but it makes sense for player retention and whatnot.

I definitely had a feeling the camera was too tight around the player. I originally had the ninja look more cartoony and had the sprite size as 8x8. I changed it to 16x16 because I was having trouble articulating movement with that small of a tile size (I'm not an artist by any means :) ). Something in the middle would have been better in retrospect.

Glad the experience was overall positive and thanks again for taking the time to play and provide feedback. I really appreciate it!


No problem, dude. It is a great jam project.

Pass on the good will by feeding back on someone else's project.


Will do! I plan on playing a ton of these games once I get off work, yours included :)