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That personal challenges did you take for this jam?

A topic by astery created Apr 18, 2016 Views: 891 Replies: 29
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My "challenge" was to finish something with MonoGame for the first time. My prior experience was mostly Unity. I really enjoyed the different way of making this game. I prefer working in code and not in an editor like Unity.

The real chalenge was the second week of the jam where i was exhausted because I worked so much in the first week. So progress slowed down and I did not revist some of the bigger problems of my game (in my rogue like, the world is not really interessting, i should have spawned more interessting things, better enemy placement, etc.). But in the end im happy


This might sound a bit strange, but my self-imposed challenge was to make a plot-driven game in less than 100 words, to go along with the spirit of a low-res game. I'm normally a very verbose writer, to the point that I've made bullet hells in the past with >1000 word plots, so I wanted to make something where every word counted.

(In the end, I think there was just a tad over 100 words in the game's script, though in my defense, a few of them are for instructions.)


I decided to go with a 16 color EGA palette, since that's what I played most of my childhood games with. It's tricky using a lisghtly awful palette and also make things stand out from the background, becasue you are tempted to use only the most pleasing of the colors.

I also did the game in a little over a day, but that's just because I scrapped my first idea, and sterted the new one on friday, reusing some code and sprites.

Mechanically I just had the idea of the player setting their own difficulty and getting scored based on that.


The Pico8 engine piqued my interest for this Jam and I ended up making 2 games for it. The first, a match 3 game, was made inside 24 hours, and was my first Pico8 game (and my first introduction to LUA), the second took another 10 days and had an incredible scope, incorporating a 500ly wide procedurally generated galaxy, a list of tradable commodities and an upgradable ship. Thankfully I decided against actually having a flight model (and essentially making Elite inside of a fortnight).

I quickly hit Pico8's memory limit with a galaxy 1,000 Ly wide, even when using PRNG Seeds to only generate planets when needed. Downsizing it to 500 Ly solved that problem though.

Challenging, certainly. I may also be legally insane too.


Isn't floating point precision an issue way before scales involving lightyears?


Only if you're measuring distance in inches...

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I wanted to learn how to use raymarching and distance fields to render 3D scenes like all the cool kids in the demoscene, and figured that I could do it in real-time at 64x64. I also wanted to try the new multipass features of Shadertoy.

Although there were some compatibility problems with WebGL on some computers that I'm only now ironing out, I think it was basically a success!

It's a low-rez space simulator called LAIKA. Play it here, w/ source code available here for the curious.

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