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Lost For Game Mechanic Ideas, Any Suggestions?

A topic by Jasper Riedel created Apr 02, 2016 Views: 344 Replies: 7
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This is what I've got so far:

  • Massive randomly generated map! (You should technically be able to walk in one direction for 17.43 decades)
  • Basic weather effects
  • Simple HUD displaying health bar and some other status bar
  • The ability to very easily add more objects to the world generator

And that's about it... So if anyone has any interesting ideas of where I could take this game, I'd love to hear!


I quite like this style.Maybe a simple shooter/bullet hell kinda thing, you have the screenspace for it. Basically you could just shoot in the direction you're moving and hold up to shoot upwards. And just horde increasing numbers of enemies into it and the player has to survive as long as possible. As your world seems broken up into screens you could count each screen as a level, and the player progresses by beating all enemies and then moving out, you can add random interesting things to look at on some of the screens (like monument or something, would add a little exploratory factor to it).

Thanks for the Idea! I think I'm looking for slightly more peaceful game play though. I still greatly appreciate the input! :)


Fair enough, if you're looking for PEACEFUL, then maybe check out Proteus... A wee 2D version of that would be pretty sweet. ;)


I like what you have so far! Maybe you could turn it into a sort of mystery game (you find something strange in the forest and have to find more clues / solve puzzles to figure out what it is, or such) or a survival game where you have to scavenge for food/shelter/etc that is also randomly generated.

"You should technically be able to walk in one direction for 17.43 decades" - tell me you'll get an achievement trophy if you do? :-P


Thank you, I appreciate the input! :)

It would be cool to have something special at the 17.43 decade mark, But I fear no one will ever get there...


How about something like chop lifter or game where you have to put out forest fires?

Putting out forest fires, I really like that idea! :)