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A topic by donboody created Mar 31, 2016 Views: 6,873 Replies: 318
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Added more enemies, breakable boxes and platforms, and springs! ^^;

Now hopefully I can just work on cutscenes and level design. ><;;


Added lasers to chaos64!



light effects O.O looks good!


Thanks! ;)


Finally had a chance to work on some story elements.

The menu is complete, and the mute sfx and mute music options work as well.

Here's a look at the shotgun and weapon menu.

All that's left now is some dialog for the cut-scenes, a couple new weapons and a few new enemies. (You know, the fun stuff :D)

The pressures on because I plan on taking part in this years Ludum Dare with a friend, so this is essentially the last day for me on this jam.


seems very cool, and the font/text looks awesome!



Trading! Creating a working economy is hard work, but somebody's got to do it.

Submitted (3 edits) (+5)

now my game has a llama Headphones On, World Off


I can't wait for you guys to try this game out, it is a puzzler.

Each blue outlaw card has a bonus that makes it more or less suited to solving each encounter. Right here, we've got a lady whose power is to remove trees. By removing the tree on the left, we'll not only enter stealth-mode (reducing the standard difficulty of each enemy) but remove the buff the tree is providing to the blue squid enemy, reducing him further to only 1 strength.

That 1 strength means one of your six Russian-roulette cards need to be drawn, rather than three.


Today because of school and work, I could only do the scroll encounter and a new cover image for game page.
Anyway, now the game has two working non-battle encounters.
I put my trust in next two days.


looks very cool


thank you :)

Submitted (9 edits)

A shot of my lava tileset from my game.


As I'm useless and forgot to upload gifs other than on Twitter ( on @stuckieGAMEZ my personal account ) I've been forgetting about posting what I've been up to here..
So, here's all the gifs so far, plus a new one of what I got done last night and finished quickly over lunch time.

First off, I scribbled in GIMP to make a little title mockup.

I had the idea of doing a game similar to the old Spectrum game Scuba Dive - where you tootled around some cave like systems and found treasure, avoiding the nasties, and slowly running out of air. I had thought it a bit difficult, so instead of three lives and instant death on hitting anything, I decided that your oxygen got lowered instead, so you could at least continue on. Couple of hours in GameMaker:Studio and I had this:

Some weeds, an eel, and a happy crab!

Life gets in the way as it usually does, so took me a few days before I could get back to it.. and added some things to collect:

A snappy clam!

A treasure chest, a big pearl, a bubbly thing for more oxygen, a raft, and a bugged eel floating backwards...

At this point I was relatively happy with how things were going, but not quite sure where else to diverge from the original Scuba Dive and make it more my own.. then I had the idea of using the boat - or raft in my case - as the timer. It'll drift from right to left across the top of the screen, and once it reaches the left you best be on it! I liked the idea of your treasure not counting unless it's back up on the boat as well, so I've kept that in.. but instead of losing it when you touch something, I've made it weigh you down.. so get too greedy, and you're going to have a bad time trying to get back up!

A test run of the game from starting to err.. drowning from being too greedy and caught by an eel... so close to the surface too!

So that's where I am just now.. it's somewhat playable.. there's quite a large level to swim about in ( though I need to add a few more bubblers I think - as there's only one in there just now ) with lots of things to collect. Still got audio, particles, and a proper start/end sequence to deal with.. and perhaps fix the "hurt" image as it looks a tad out of place. The swimming is rotational ( like in Scuba Dive ) and takes a bit of getting used to, but works well I think. I think a standard 8-way would make it a bit too easy anyway.

Now have the fun of whether to finish this off as best I can tonight, and do Ludum Dare this weekend, or just continue with this.. suppose I'll see how much I get done.


Today's progress: Tall image for intro.
And some small intro stuff. I have to speed up tomorrow.


Long time I haven't posted anything. The reason ? Polishing my game again, again and again. But the end is soon ! :D

By the way, can't wait to test other games!


My friends say my game Snake Pit is a lot of fun to play so I'm excited to share it will all of you soon. It is basically Super Mario combined with Kirby combined with Gargoyle's Quest with a hint of classic Sonic and RPG.


Hey all,

It's not much right now, but this jam has given us a chance to get our first "finished" (in great big quotation marks) made. After hours of grappling with Unity, we've got this fun little spooky quicktime dungeon crawler together in a playable-ish mode. Going to do as much polishing as we can before the end of the jam, but we're honestly super stoked to even get this done.

Everyones stuff looks so good, super stoked to play through a bunch of them!


I have pushed a lot today.
I've finished the intro.
I've added the final battle with evil wizard and its stages.
This battle also has 3 cutscenes.
Win cutscene.
Balancing and changing of loot / level up system.
Fixing bugs (of course)

Now the game is 100% playable even though there are only 2 non-battle encounters.
You can test it and give me feedback so I can edit the game before submission. I'd really appreciate it.


sooo cool..


It really is the worst time to have started your #LOWREZJAM project right near the end (was busy with a capstone project for college), but I'm jamming all day today to get it done!

Basically, it's me returning to my LRJ2014 project, Marble Incline. The original was probably one of the toughest projects I worked on, since I tried to really hold myself to the low-res feel. Even had the game land on a YouTube show, which made all the legwork worth it.

It had a weird executable when I wrapped it up, so not a lot of people were able to play it properly. At least with my growing knowledge of Construct 2, development appears to be a whole lot better.

Anyways, have a logo, a screenshot, and a (death animation) GIF of Marble Incline Redux! Still have a lot to work on in the next few hours, so wish me luck!


Two days ago I finished my game. I felt pretty tired and didnt have any motivation left. But i think that the game I made is okay and was a good learning experience. Now i'm looking forward to play all the other entries to the jam.

This is the games intro:



I know what you mean, this jam took it out of me too. Good work!


Finally uploaded my game 'The Sheriff', and i m really happy with my work :D

Submitted(+3) against all reason I decided to enter this jam incredibly last minute, and made something short and simple over the last few days. I'd actually heard about the jam itself a few days after it started, and it just kept sticking in my brain until I felt like I had to do something for it.

You can find it here:

And some screenshots. It felt good to do some pixel art again after several months (years???) of not pixeling, as well.



After a very long days and weeks, The game is finally finished. As I ever mentioned before, the game itself is based on my old game, Runny Square, but its difficulty is less nasty compared from the old one. I also use my modified tool "Runny Kit" to develop the game faster.
The game can be played here:

Gameplay is simple, just click or press space to change direction. Gain point as much as you can by touching the laser.

Looking forward to play other participant's game when the vote session has begun. In my times, it means I have to play them tomorrow because my data plan's limit in noon is 10x smaller compared to midnight limit.

Also while waiting, I will make another game for sale. This time I will release it in PDF platform. I have been waiting the moment to make another PDF game. The game for this jam is a warm up especially for my pixel art before starting the project.


I've finished capturing and uploading some animated gif finally.

Play it here:

Some drifting:

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