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A 64px bullet hell for LOWREZJAM.
Submitted by parkdraws (@parkdraws)
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#284.7354.735

Ranked from 34 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Your page says you didn't finish in time so I didn't give a rating, but felt compelled to comment that I thought your game was really well done! I'm very terrible at shmups so I did not get very far but the presentation, gamefeel, and mechanics are all great.


Yeah.. I was fixing some menu behavior 20 mins past the deadline like, "it's unacceptable for me to release this" and I can never allow myself to forget the shame of seeing the submit button disappear and asking the host to manually add aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhHHHHH I'm a fool

Thanks for playing!!


Beautiful! Great job - amazing art style and near perfect gameplay! I found the size of the enemy bullets a bit big for this sort of game, but still managed to avoid most of them! Really needs audio, but other than that, an amazing submission which really worked well at the res! Well done!


Ahh!! This is so addictive, help! 


I could play this for hours if I didn't have other games to rate, I love it! The art is gorgeous, the mechanics are really solid, it controls so well and is stylish and readable at the same time.

I love the little quirks to the gameplay, like having the two different weapon options, and the fact that bombs can double as lives if you need them to. Just a really excellent game all around - seriously well done!


My son and I really enjoyed this submission. You can tell a lot of love went into this.


Really solid implementation of a tiny bullet-hell shmup!  Very nice pixel-art too!  good job!


Love, love, love the art in this game! Absolute perfection :) It just needs some fitting music and sound effects


This is a gorgeous and brilliantly executed Shmup! Only thing holding it back is the total absence of any sound. Very well done!


very nice game, very cool retro shump. The art are soooo cool. Very cool game, very cool the possibility to select an other player. Very good job.


I felt myself quite immersed in the game trying to dodge bullets and shot enemies :-)

The only bit of improvement for the gameplay would be to slightly increase the speed of movement of the ship.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Played this one because the cover artwork caught my eye. I'm glad I did. This is one solid shooter. I've played some other shooters in this jam that don't have quite the same level of visual communication that this one does. Making the bullets flat colors to contrast with the detailed backgrounds caught my eye was an excellent choice.

I blazed through it easily with the yellow ship even without the brake, but the blue ship seems to be more than enough challenge for me.

Add some kick-ass music and sound effects, an option to rebind the controls (I find it odd how the fire and brake aren't adjacent) and this'll be something special.

- Callum


Glad you enjoyed it!

I agree about adding key rebindings so I'm glad you mentioned it. I went with Mushihimesama's key layout since I don't have a broad bullet hell experience, but that detail is odd to me too.

Thanks for the feedback! (= 'ω'=)ฅ


I love bullet hell so much (Ikaruga is still one of my all time favorite bullet hell games). I liked the idea of there being almost like a "trade off" between shooting and moving. It makes it more strategic (vs just keeping the shoot button held down). The one piece of feedback I'd have is to make the bullets smaller. At this resolution, I'd like more options to weave in and out of the madness.


The shooting and movement design comes from Mushihimesama! I think it does a lot of cool things in the bullet hell space, though I also think I am more of an "admire bullet hell from afar" type of person than a veteran :P

I did try a few smaller bullet sprites and found it difficult to track them visually, but this is good feedback! I definitely think I need to adjust some of the big waves near the end and/or their bullet velocity, because I think it's too easy to get trapped. In a good design I don't think using a bomb should be required to pass certain waves. Thanks for playing!


Beautiful stand out colours in the artwork, love the simple but challenging gameplay. Turns out I'm not so good at these games! haha. Great submission, only thing I wish it had was sound. :)


Gorgeous artwork! I am terrible at these types of games, but I just love to look at them. Super satisfying feedback visuals - I only wish there were sound effects to add to the overall "juiciness" :)


The art of this game is astonishing. Is fun to play, rewarding and invite you to keep determined to finish it, though it is very forgiving with the colliders having so many of them. 

It really looks like a vintage bullet hell like Raptor. 


love the colors =)


Love shmups, would have been nice to see more and with sound/music!
Some things I would change:

-Have the bullet sprites draw above the player but below the hitbox pixel (maybe at this res it's exaggerated though).

- Disabling the mouse input since it interferes with the keys when selecting character.

-Make the browser window bigger x2 or maybe add the full screen option

Oh and that background pixel art is top tier.

Even if you missed the deadline, well done :)


thank you! Agree with all points and made those adjustments. Increasing the canvas is a bit difficult since I haven’t figured out how to upscale without introducing subpixel movement yet. Background is by the fantastic

(1 edit)

awesome shmup game play, the graphics work well within the 64 pixel restriction.  and the mechanic to switch the bullets from spread fire to concentrated fire was nice once you got a powerup.  would love to see more levels, maybe shrink the bullets down a litle it seemed like they hit me a few times but it didn't register the hit like the hit box was smaller than the visible bullet.

I assisted on a game for this jam.  would love to hear your ideas on our game :)



hey thanks, I really appreciate the feedback! the hitboxes are definitely forgiving, the player's hitbox is the single white pixel in the middle of the ship. this is similar to touhou, mushihimesama, and jamestown, but all of those games have presented this info more clearly than I have for sure. I've added WaterRush to my list!

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