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This is the place to start.

Being a new game dev myself, I know it can be demoralizing trying to partake in jams against people of much superior skill than our own. It can feel like an unwinnable battle and lead to frustration or quitting your overly ambitious project.

As such, I think there is a need for a jam targeted at complete beginners (not unlike myself), one where we have a chance of winning. My hope is that we can grow as game devs together, and also that everyone has fun while doing so.

I will be making a video with my top picks in the end. The criteria for public voting will be:

  • Fun
  • Polish
  • Complexity

Join my discord server to discuss the game jam, among other things:

The theme is SURVIVAL.

Good luck!

Low-Tier Jam #1:

Results/Playthrough video:

Winner (my pick): Danger Ahead

Winner (public): Toms


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Text-based management game, where you enter simple commands in a CMD prompt, in order to help a human survive.
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