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(Lua ~ Javascript?) I'm noob please help

A topic by lgeoinc created 72 days ago Views: 149 Replies: 3
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i've been making games for a long time now and Love Engine has crossed my eye many times. this new years eve I read some documentation of it. it seems to be working on lua scripting language. I am no smart guy, but it looks like Javascript, should I try it for 3D games, I got this question because when i search for love games - all of them seem to be 2d. Lovers what advice do you have

Hey there! LÖVE2D is, well as the name suggests, designed to be used for developing 2D games. However that haven't stopped people from making 3D games with it. (See

While it's totally possible to make 3D games with this framework, it's usually better to use another engine (examples are Unity and Unreal Engine.) Due to better support and help if you are ever going to be stuck on something.

Hope this helps!


Right, as Mathias has pointed out, LÖVE is mainly a 2D game framework. Although it offers a lot of features that directly translate to OpenGL context, which means that it is possible to do 3D games and people have already experimented with that.

To be honest I even did a bit of 3D stuff like Lovox-Redux (check Sir Dashaton which is a game made with it) and porting LOVEPBR to 11.x but this stuff is pretty complex and difficult and definitely NOT something I would recommend as a first project much less on the short time-span of a Jam.

thank you guys for advice. I will tinker with love2d. <3